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The pandemic has taken its toll, but it has also given us time.

We've had time to think about what's important. What do we want? What kind of world do we want to live in? What kind of business do we want to run? These are big questions. It's instigated a process of change. Like our commitment to achieving net zero or our assertion that confidence is key to unlocking potential.

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We've also had time to reflect on how little stock we have sold over the past year. With the shop closed for 10 of the last 15 months, even with web sales continuing, we have missed our customers and we have missed the opportunities for our business to trade, flourish or grow.

So we began to think about what we can change that will enable us to stay in business, continuing to deliver the beautiful, high quality, stylish clothing, shoes and accessories you desire. We looked at how we can be more sustainable in this process. How can we reduce waste? 

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Our answer is simple, it's about only making what we know there is demand for. 

It's also about answering demand that is not being met such as extending our size range.

We all know the fashion industry is broken and still works on many out of date practices that undermine people and the planet. We are going to see a change in the years to come. In our own small way Revival Retro is leading our own charge.


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What we promise is to continue to inform you not just what we are doing but why we are doing it. It's true that the fashion industry is broken but findings ways out of the situation we now find ourselves in will, in part, rely on education and understanding. There's too much spin and too little honesty.

For instance, when it comes to designing, manufacturing and sourcing, I have to identify and cut through the greenwashing. It is insanely hard when we are all relatively uneducated on the ins and outs of sustainability and environmental soundness, to then also sort the fictions from the fundamentals. If I can't understand it within my industry, how are consumers meant to make good decisions? How are you meant to know what's worth it? Isn't it up to us to help educate you?


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Another area that is also often promoted with no real substance or is dismissed entirely is Plus Size Clothing. We've heard women's frustrations with the responses from other clothing companies to the request for more inclusive sizes. Everything from "it's not possible" to "fat women don't spend money on clothes". Making and selling 12 or 24 different sizes is much more difficult than selling six but we aim to make it work. Our small business has embarked upon this journey and we're going to continue to ask for your input and we will explain the choices we make that affects what is available to you.

These are two key examples of why more of our own range will be launched via pre-order going forward.

The time period during which you can pre-order will be split into two parts.

Pre-order to guarantee your size. 

Pre-order from limited availability.

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It's a balancing act for a business, ordering enough fabric, working with factory time slots and production schedules, ordering the right amount of inventory, getting the right range, marketing and spreading the word as well as delivering on your promises. It's difficult but it's worth it. Seeing your happy faces make our work a job well done. What's more difficult is seeing racks of unsold clothing.

So, make sure you are reading our newsletter (you can sign up below - just scroll down this page. Make sure you are looking out for updates on your preferred social media. What we don't want is for you to miss out on the limited windows that pre-order is open for.

If you have any questions or suggestions, I or any member of the team will be only too pleased to listen.

Look out for our next pre order launching soon!

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