Earthday - Change your view in 2022

by Rowena Howie April 22, 2022


We want women to be comfortable, confident and make informed choices.


choosing sustainable shopping with revival retro, a woman wears a blue organic cotton dress from our own range 
It's Earthday 2022 and at Revival Retro we encourage you to shop sustainably. It is our mission to empower you to make meaningful choices when you shop with us. Here are some of the ways we help make that happen.
We list the known provenance of each of our product as well as why we sourced it.
We offer a meaningful alternative to fast fashion. At Revival Retro our purpose is to create garments that last and will will be treasured.
We take a thoughtful approach to design and production considering the balance between people and planet.


All of our own range is made in Britain by people we know and trust, creating jobs and supporting the local economy. So buy well and buy less from a brand that is trying to do better.


choose natural fibres and organic cotton dresses over synthetic fibers


So change your view in 2022

Take a closer look at our dresses and reward yourself with a free pair of sunglasses at checkout this Earthday weekend.


Consider the fabric - we always list what garments are made from so you can choose, there are plenty of natural fibres and organic fabrics as we gradually phase out synthetic fabrics from our collection.


Consider who made the clothes and where - we always list the provenance of an item, all of our ‘own range’ is made locally under UK law and in ethical conditions, we visit our factories regularly and we consider our supply chain.


Consider the quality and who you are buying from - Revival Retro believes in buy well - buy less and that’s what we encourage you to do do, using our transparency and ethical commitments to make the best choices you can.




Consider secondhand - our pre-loved clothing, reduce your environmental footprint and help us keep our emissions low. If your purchase reaches the end of it’s life with you we offer a discount on something new when you choose to give your garment a new lease of life with someone.


woman looks at camera in considering manner


Make a meaningful choice this weekend: Change your view  or renew your commitment when you consider how to sustainably shop for your clothes. If you choose to buy a new dress for summer from us we will reward your decision with a free pair of sunglasses.


Rowena Howie


Lover of beautiful things and amazing people. Explorer and Entrepreneur. This is my independent shop, whether you visit our London boutique or browse our online offering it is my vision that our wonderful team is working hard to bring to life.

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