Brexit - new arrangements for EU customers

We had to say "Goodbye". Sorry.

However, we are doing everything possible to make it easy for our European friends to shop with us.

The most important thing you need to know is to select Euros as your currency.


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Shopping in Euro currency on our website means VAT will NOT be charged at the point of sale.

The new rules are that you will be charged VAT at the point of import.

What does it mean at the point of import? It means you pay Revival for the product now, then you will pay taxes (and duties, fees if they apply) later.

On our site you can choose Royal Mail or DHL for shipping.

Royal Mail will look after your parcel on it's journey through the UK then will pass the parcel to your national postal service. The notification of import fees will come from your national postal service/ administration organisation. The parcel likely won't be delivered until you have paid.
DHL will look after your parcel for it's entire journey door to door. It will be a lot faster as this service delivers next working day. You still need to pay tax upon import but in most countries you should be able to pay this online or by phone using your shipping reference (waybill number). The parcel likely will be delivered before you pay.


I must stress that because the situation is so new processes are changing and updating all the time. This advice is the best of our knowledge at 10 January 2021.

The one thing we do know is that if you shop in GBP on our site you will likely be charged taxes twice: UK VAT at the point of sale and your country's VAT at the point of import.) Don't do this - shop in Euros.

If you are on desktop find the currency selector top right. 

If you are on mobile find the currency selector in the menu at the bottom.


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At the time of writing there are many delays with Royal Mail. They are dealing with a backlog from Christmas, we have a new national lockdown causing increase e-commerce and they are dealing with new administration and processes to do with Brexit.


We will write another update when we have further information. Meanwhile, there are some bargains and treats in our SALE - Shop Now.


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