New Year. New You. Dream Job?

Could you land your dream job in 2016? Could working for Revival Retro be the new start you need?

Working for a small company is different. If you've not done it before, then the first thing you need to know is that you have to have the care factor, or at least you do at Revival Retro. In a small business it's obvious if you don't care; your colleagues know, the boss knows and worst of all, the customers know.

Why should you care? Why would you want to give it 100% let alone 110%?!
Clearly it helps if you respect what the company is trying to achieve. For instance, here at Revival Retro we don't just sell dresses. Revival Retro is about supporting and helping women create a more positive image of themselves, encouraging confidence, happiness and self acceptance. We are honest and we care. Our customers walk out the shop having genuinely enjoyed meeting us, finding our help and assistance akin to that of a knowledgable best friend and are looking forward to wearing their purchase. We also love the classic and elegant revival aesthetic that sets us apart.

Caring is a two way street, though. You can't give everything if you get nothing in return. Working at Revival Retro could never be a soulless, anonymous existence. It's a very small team so it tends to be a friendly and hardworking bunch, who support one another and enjoy doing so. We share share a passion for connecting with people and helping them. It also helps that we love the style and enjoy wearing it ourselves! Everyone at Revival Retro is asked to contribute ideas and there are many opportunities to initiate projects and see them through to their success. Your success is our shared success. We will support you and celebrate with you.
In a small company their is room for recognition and reward. We think that's really important and make sure it happens.

Sometimes a dream job is as simple as working somewhere where you feel at home, where you like the people. At it's simplest it is about doing work for which you have a level of enthusiasm but hopefully also where there are opportunities to challenge yourself, develop your skills and experience and potential future advancement. This is a real a job, not a voluntary unpaid placement, and it has suitable pay and benefits that add to the enjoyment. If this sounds like a job you would value and enjoy, you might be interested in a position as a Revival Retro Part Time Sales & Customer Service Assistant (click here for details).

Team Revival Retro Xmas 2015

The world of work keeps changing and sometimes it's hard to maintain the balancing act required when you have numerous commitments to juggle. Sometimes a persons' dream job is one that not only you enjoy, but one where working for a fair and understanding employer means you are able to manage your various commitments. Of course, our business has some core requirements but sometimes creating a dream job simply requires a discussion of what the role could be: For the right person it could be particular hours or days to let you manage your other commitments, it might be for an agreed rota in advance rather than a zero hours contract, it might even involve responsibilities that do not require you being based in London.


Do you have the vision to take our small business to the next level?

For some people a dream job might be about bringing particular skills and experience to our small business that we don't currently have. Sometimes a dream job for you can be a proposition for us! Perhaps you have the skills and experience to help us realise our goals? Revival Retro might be a small company, but we are ambitious; we want to grow, we want more people to learn about us and our reputation to precede us, we want to have shops on more than one continent, we want to develop our own line, and that's just for starters! To achieve those goals we need the right combination of talent, drive, experience and knowledge.

It's important to understand the challenges facing small businesses at the moment and particularly bricks and mortar retailers. It's extremely challenging times right now which is why if you want to dream big with us, you have to have the sensitivity and understanding of the bigger picture that make you the right person to join our team. Of course we can't offer fancy titles and huge salaries, this is about starting at ground level and helping make a difference, being the person that makes it happen and getting the recognition and reward that you deserve for that.

There are few jobs out there that genuinely excite or offer real opportunity but if you care about these things then consider applying to Revival Retro, either apply for a Sales  & Customer Service role or write to us at outlining your ideas of your dream job that will help us realise our dreams too.

Email Rowena at with Dream Job as the subject.

Award Winning Shop - Revival Retro

Revival Retro is a small independent shop in London, England. We also have an online store which we operate from our London premises. We have been trading since 2009 when have grown from a small hobby operating out of a bedroom to an award winning boutique in London's West End. Revival Retro is active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, we are @RevivalRetro. The owner and founder is still very much involved with the day to day running of the business and Team Revival currently comprises of three key members of staff supported by our expert friends specialising in photography, HMUA, modelling, mentoring, marketing, blogging, vlogging, videography, design, branding, bookkeeping, accounting, and everything else!
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