A World Exclusive for Our Shoe Rack

If you've ever come into the store and had a natter with me about our styles from ReMix Vintage Shoes, you'll know that I'm pretty much a woman obsessed. (All though to be fair, most of us get that way after joining the team!)

I could probably talk the leg off a table, given half the chance, and when you get me started on the subject of shoes (particularly in relation to dancing!) I can get quite serious. I do Lindy Hop, Blues, Balboa, Slow Dance... pretty much anything I have the time to throw my toes at, and I value a well fitting, comfortable shoe. This is where ReMix come in- and particularly, the Balboa style.

The Balboa is one of our most beloved styles. The gold version is quite possibly our most popular shoe of all time, alongside the Lillie style.

I own FOUR different colours of the same shoe. Yep. That's right. Out of 7 pairs (!!) from ReMix Vintage Shoes, four of them are the Balboa style. Which tells you something- both about my shoe addiction and the quality of the shoe!

The heel height is excellent (especially as I'm crap in heels normally), the leather is wonderfully soft (and accommodates my wide feet easily, as it stretches to fit), the design is lovely (you've seen them, right?), and I've never had a blister from them. (Or any of my other ones, actually) I have also had my oldest pair for about 2.5 years and have only just had them re-soled. Shoes for life!

The most recent addition to my 'collection', the fourth pair, is particularly exciting for me. (And for us as a store. But mainly me!) 

We have had a customised colour combination made for us in this style. That means the Wine and Black Balboa is not available ANYWHERE else in the world- not even direct from the maker!

I'll say that one more time. This is a WORLD EXCLUSIVE. I really wish I had more whistles and bells to ring about this, it's just so exciting. This means that if you see a lady wearing a pair of these, you know she's been in here. It's like an exclusive shoe club!! And that makes me very, very happy indeed. (Smiley face)

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