Our Summer Retro Clothing Photoshoot

Photographing a summer collection, particularly one including swimwear, takes advance strategic planning when you are based in the UK!

Capturing Retro Clothing Revival Style

Our photoshoot had to take place last summer in order to get the weather, much of the ordering takes place the previous Spring and the research and development for a collection is often a process over a couple of years! There's a lot of thought that goes into every Revival collection!

Our retro shop is based in London England and for our international readers, we have to tell you, all the jokes about English weather are true. Rainy days, more rainy days, dull grey days, it's no wonder we go nuts for the sun when it does come out. Our summer (with sunny weather) lasts about 2 weeks! But we do love to go on holiday. We live for the holidays. The summer vacation is something to look forward to all year long and it provides a stunning backdrop to a photoshoot especially when you are shooting at a stunning villa such as this one near Barcelona.

 Retro Swimwear and Clothing

The decision for a UK based, small, independent shop to stock swimsuits and bikinis is not one to be taken lightly! You have to be pretty darn sure you have an amazing product and that those swimsuits are going to sell...

So the reason we knew we could introduce swimwear this year was because we knew we had found some really amazing swimsuits and that our customers were going to love them.

 Retro Bikini by Esther Williams Swimwear

Stocking 50s inspired Esther Williams swimwear was a no brainer. Fabulous, flattering retro styles, that are well designed and top quality. At Revival we stand behind our products, our staff will tell you the decision why we recommend a product and customers appreciate that guidance. But, how do we demonstrate to you that Revival products are different / better / fantastic before you see for yourself when you choose to try it?

There is a lot of cheap retro clothing out there and a lot of it is poorly made, badly constructed and low grade fabrics (you get what you pay for!) but this is rarely detectable from a photograph. With a skilled photographer and good lighting anything can be made to look good. How do you tell one gingham swimsuit from the next?
Retro Gingham Swimsuit

So the challenge for Revival is not to just photograph our retro clothing but to demonstrate to you why it is amazing. That's why we put extra effort into our photography. 

Going off to sunny Spain to do a special location shoot this year, we wanted a holiday vibe to show off the new swimwear but we also wanted to show you the flattering designs on real women's bodies not just what it looks like on the hanger. We wanted to demonstrate to you how these quality swim suits don't sag in the water and don't go translucent once you have been in the pool.
Esther Williams Swimwear

For us it's not just about showing you how pretty an item is, it's about demonstrating our product recommendations are genuine and true. You can rely on Revival to bring you the best. That's why customers come back to us again and again. It's also why we repeatedly work with the same great team. Our photographer Tory and HairMakeUpArtist Mel understand what we are trying to communicate and they do a great job in helping us realise that. 

Retro Fashion Photography

Revival Retro Photoshoot

Once we had decided to introduce 1950s inspired Esther Williams swimwear range, and chosen to shoot in sunny Spain we worked hard to make the rest our 1950s inspired collection come together into a cohesive lookbook. Featuring 50s shoes and 50s style dresses and pantsuits we wanted to show you a capsule summer wardrobe (or what you might want to pack for a holiday.

 1950s Shoes

There was one particular pair of 1950s shoes we had found that we knew we had to showcase. These gorgeous heels are a special embossed textured leather that make them look like green crocodile, they are amazing! For a high heel they are ultra comfortable too, a stylish design and the Spanish construction is of the highest quality. 

Once we had the green 1950s swimsuit and the green 1950s shoes we knew that these were the two key pieces on which we wanted to hang the rest of the collection upon. That's why 1950s style became a major influence of this collection.

 A lot of our customers initially find us because they are looking for an outfit for a special occasion but as they return again and again they are looking for interesting and different looks that they can wear everyday. We choose signature pieces and smart separates that are comfortable and easy to wear. You might be as comfortable wearing this on holiday as you would be out locally with friends.
 Retro Clothing PhotoShoot

Though we have a model and a photographer and a HMUA team, despite all of that I hope we manage to get across how this amazing and easy to wear the garment is. Can you see yourself in it? Where would you wear it?

 At Revival we don't sell retro clothing because we want to live in the past we 'revive' classic retro styles because they are flattering, fabulous, comfortable and well designed. 

We put a lot of time and effort put into finding the best quality and designs for our customers, creating unique and enticing photography that will encourage you to see yourself wearing our wonderful retro clothing shoes and accessories. How do you think we did?

Revival Retro Team 

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