Shop Small means something whether its local or international

We are an independent womenswear boutique for those of you who may have found this page but don't know Revival. We've had a small shop in central London since 2011.

Here, on our website however you can find 'almost' everything that is available in store because we value our customers wherever you are in the world and want you to find the same pleasure in our products as customers visiting our London shop.

Recently we've been taking special care to ensure we are better looking after the needs and requirements of our American customers, so much so that when we were visiting NYC last week we made sure to connect with fans and friends to catch up on how we are doing.

It also gave us a chance to preview some key pieces from our upcoming summer range of new designs, launching early March 2020.


Shop small support people who passionate about what they produce

Shop small means something whether it is local or international. 


To shop small is to make a difference. It's a two way street as well:

  • You are supporting a business in which the people care passionately about what they do, enjoy their jobs and contribute to a community. 
  • We think it's important to revolve our business around people, to listen to what they want and to our best to offer something of real value.


It's about mutual respect but for us 'shop small' is also about acting with integrity.


There is reason behind and meaning to our actions.


small shop ships international


This is what informed the design and creation of our sustainable retro dresses launching this Spring/Summer.

You asked us for...

                          ....natural fibres

We decided to...

                           ...make our dresses in organic cotton that is GOTS certified 

Designing items for our own collection is a labour of love but finding the right fabrics is a hard fought battle. It's not just about the weight and handle of a fabric, it's about it's performance over time, it's impact on the world. Who made it, where and how does it come to us. It's about price or more importantly it's value. 

We found a great supplier from Spain who doesn't require large orders which for a small firm would only result in waste. They offer a great range of colours and from our wash tests these are going to be great dresses that will delight for years to come. It's wrong to throw away clothes after just a few wears.


You told us...

           love us for our high quality, classic feminine style

We have never yet produced a summer collection within our own range and we wanted... provide not just timeless style that will never go out of fashion but also items that will never need to be culled from your cupboard.


We believe in wardrobe classics that stand the test of time in appeal and in quality. Even if something is seasonal, you should look forward to the day you rotate your seasonal items and get to bring back that favourite summer dress / winter coat etc. We think there's a good chance one of these new dresses will be one of your favourites of the future.



Shop small independent nyc


How about the Notting Hill dress? Available in red or prussian blue.


You told us...

     believe in shop small

We wanted to

             ...give you reasons to come back to us over and over again, we enjoy building relationships with our customers whether your down the road in Peckham or over the pond in Pittsburgh. 

Revival is a community of women with shared values, we prefer style over fashion,  clothes that fit and flatter rather than trend led fads, small shops that have a more considered approach to what they produce, who for, why and where. Respect for people and respect for the world we live in.

All of these dresses are made in Britain by people we enjoy working with.


This summer these dresses and more will be available in our small shop and our online store. Email us if you would like to be put on the waitlist.


Sustainable retro dress


Last week we had great fun visiting independent businesses and small shops in New York City. We ate our way across the Lower East Side. We went shopping in fab little boutiques in the East Village. We visited great little cocktail bars and enjoyed jazz and burlesque performances in some fantastic little venues. Even in the biggest of cities we enjoy seeking out the best that is small. Here's our recommendations from February 2020.


  • Vegan Pastrami on Rye (Lottie's favourite sandwich in the world!) from the Orchard Grocer.
  • Any of the Knish's from Yona Shimmel Knish Bakery, Rowena found this place way to late in the trip to work her way through every single flavour!
  • The "magic dresses" at DL Cerney on East Ninth Street. Dwayne makes them himself in his Queens workshop.
  • The amazing cocktails at Pouring Ribbons on Avenue A.
  • The slow fashion made in Japan for Nest Robe on Elizabeth Street, Nolita.
  • The coffee and actually breakfast or just everything at Mud Coffee NYC on E9th.
  • Le Scandal Cabaret at the Laurie Beechman theatre every Saturday



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