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For seven years our small independent shop has strived to bring you the very best from the vintage inspired world of fashion. We turn to the 30s, 40s and 50s for inspiration because we love the feminine tailoring, stunning silhouettes and elegant design.


Our regular customers have come to depend upon us for something special, something different to what you might find on the high street. We always tempt you with something ‘lustworthy’ but we also think about practicality and comfort. Well known for our exceptional service, women often give us five star reviews because we listen to what you want.


The beauty of having a physical store is that we get to have conversations and build relationships with our regular customers. Revival wouldn’t be what it is today without amazing staff who care but also lovely customers who share our passion.


Each visit we are not just trying to find you the right thing for this occasion we are thinking about the next visit and the next. We want you to keep coming back! We are constantly trying to refine and improve our offering and we learn how to do that by listening to your feedback and your suggestions.


Our customers are front and centre of everything we do.


That’s how we knew we had to start creating our own range, in house.



Customer feedback over cocktails



We sell a range of fantastic brands we love, each chosen because they excel at what they do and because we know, trust and respect the people and the practices behind those brands. As the economy and the industry changes though so does what we can stock. Some of our suppliers have ceased trading, others have had change to meet commercial needs, changes like exchange rates and costs might means it’s no longer viable to stock certain lines. It’s a challenging time for small businesses right now.


Quite simply, we were no longer able to source some of the main things we needed to fulfill our customers desires. As a business owner, that’s a fairly scary proposition but even more daunting is the challenge of designing and manufacturing when you have no background or experience in this. It’s one thing to buy something, it’s another thing to make it!


How exciting though! A new project. A new challenge. An adventure! It’s one of the aspects of my entrepreneurial side that makes me embrace this rather than ignore the problem. 



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I’m researching and working with the best people to realise these ambitions. Hopefully as the collection grows and sales increase we will create new jobs, we plan to make our clothes locally in London and it’s fascinating to explore what ‘Made in Britain’ means to different people, it’s also interesting to think about the impact of this with Brexit, the decline of the high street and the changes that on line retail has wrought on the industry.


There is so much to think about and it’s not a decision I have made lightly. So wish me luck and I’ll fill you in about my journey along the way.



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