Women’s Vintage Clothing

Here are the highlights from the current Revival collection. A selection of beautifully tailored, high quality 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s dresses.

All clothing is vintage style not vintage original meaning it is new, never worn and your treasured dress can be washed and worn again and again.

Revival stocks a range of sizes including plus sizes of our retro clothing. No matter, what size or shape you are we will help you find something beautiful and flattering, the smallest size we carry in store is UK 6 and the largest is UK 20.

Knit Dress Eve Sepia Brown

Eve Dress – Sepia Brown

This beautiful day dress is 100% cotton and a pleasure to wear.

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Bombshell by Katya Dress Silk Liberty Lilac

Bombshell by Katya Dress – Liberty White Lilac on Silk

The Bombshell by Katya dress is one of our all time favourites. In a beautiful light aquamarine, the Liberty print silk, is a flattering colour and will suit any bod shape.

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1920s Dress Mint Green Maxi Zelda

Zelda 1920s Maxi Flapper Dress – Mint Green

A maxi flapper dress, suitable for 1920s inspired evenings and formal functions. Zelda is sparkly, elegant and alluring- an absolute winner.

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1940s Trousers Casablanca Sand

Casablanca 1940s Trousers Sand

A practical and elegant trouser in desert sand colour. Add our retro sunglasses and silk scarf and you’ve got yourself a look.

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Victory Parade Sally Anne Dress Butterfy

Sally Anne Blue Butterfly Dress

The Sally Anne blue butterfly dress is vibrant, flattering and sophisticated. Accessorise with silver for that special wedding you’re attending this year and really get heads turning.

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1920s Dress Pink Zelda

Zelda 1920s Dress – Dusky Pink

A light, sparkly and pretty 1920s inspired dress. A fantastic choice for that special event.

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Cheongsam 1950s dress blue pacific

Cheongsam 1950s Dress Pacific Blue

This beautiful, oriental inspired dress is available in pacific blue or hibiscus navy white print.

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Orient Express What to Wear Dress

The Orient Express Dress Navy

This smart and stylish dress has inspired us. Journey with us as we tell you about it!

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Boat neck top red stripe

Boatneck Top – Red Stripe

This stripy T shirt is fabulous and comfortable and goes with our Freddies Jeans, our Casablanca Trousers or the summer loving Frenchie Skirt!

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Cheongsam 1950s Dress Hibiscus

Cheongsam 1950s Dress – Hibiscus Print

The traditional Cheongsam 1950s dress is given an update with a navy Hibiscus print. Utterly flattering and easy to accessorise, this dress is perfect for both day and night wear.

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1950s Skirt Frenchie Blue

Frenchie Pacific Blue Swing Skirt

This Pacific blue swing skirt, is perfect for those of you who need comfort and style. Flatteringly high waisted, it has great movement and is available both online and in store at our Central London boutique.

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1940s Dress Turquoise Flowers Trashy Diva Sylvia

Sylvia 1940s Dress Turquoise Floral

This beautiful vintage inspire floral print is just stunning. Your favourite new dress for Spring Summer.

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Sexy Summer Dress Red polka dot

Sexy Summer Dress – Red Polka Dot

The hit summer dress that everyone is talking about. Looks good, Feels good. Get your hands on it now!

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1940s Skirt Casablanca Sand

Casablanca 1940s Skirt Sand

This comfortable skirt is a great choice for summer. Tailored, flattering, light weight…

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Bombshell by Katya Dress Liberty Archive Lilac Midsleeve

Bombshell by Katya Dress – Liberty White Lilac Print

The Bombshell dress is a flattering cut in 100% cotton. Perfect with cream or ivory for a bright Spring look. So nice to find a summer dress with sleeves.

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Boatneck Top – Turquoise Stripe

Cute little retro top that will go with jeans, slacks, skirts…just about anything…

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Salina Cardigan Rose Pink

Salina Cardigan – Rose Pink

his rose pink cardigan perfectly compliments our spring collection colours.

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1940s Trousers Casablanca Blue

Casablanca 1940s Trousers Pacific Blue

Fresh blue slacks with a flattering cut, to brighten up your wardrobe. In a tailored 1940′s style they are flattering on all shapes and sizes.

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Bolero Cardigan Cream Jean

Cream Knit Bolero

A class act for vintage style arm covering, this retro bolero is suitable for everyone from vintage brides to rockabilly lovers.

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Lauren Blue Revival Retro Dress

The Lauren Retro Dress Peacock Blue

A comfortable and flattering dress, the perfect smart casual dress.

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Summer Nights Cardigan Revival Retro

1940s Cropped Cardigan – Blue

For those long summer evenings that you wish would never end.

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Emmy Clothing 1940s Cardigan Red

1940s Cropped Cardigan Raspberry Red

Stunning colour to brighten your day. The pink tones in this raspberry red are simply delicious.

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betsy revival retro dress

The Betsy Dress

Conservative and classy daywear with undeniable feminine charm.

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Pagoda Umbrella Green

Pagoda Umbrella Green

This will make you smile even if it’s cold and wet.

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1940s Tea Dress Green Polka Rosalind Trashy Diva

The Rosalind 1940s Tea Dress

An authentic forties day dress available in sizes up to UK 20. A great option if your attending a 1940s themed event or planning an outing to Goodwood, Twinwood, Haworth etc this year.

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1940s Inspired Dress Green Polka

1940s Dress – Green and Cream Polka

A classic 40s dress. Feminine. Flattering. Fantastic on curvy figures. Sizes up to UK 20.

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Revival 1940s Clothing Warm Cardigan Blue

Well Dressed 1940s Cardigan Navy

Smart warm knitwear. A perfect Revival of a 1940s classic style.

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Polka Dot 1940s Blouse Green

Polka Dot 1940s Blouse

A flattering 1940s style blouse with a super sweet peplum shape.

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Cassandra Suit dress

The Cassandra Suit Dress Blue

Smart suit dress. Formal wear with individuality and expression.

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Below the knee Skirt Polka Green

The Bergman Skirt – Green and Cream Polka

This beautiful and demure skirt is so pretty. A full A line with wonderful movement.

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columbia vintage style dress green

The Columbia Dress Green

Dreaming of speakeasies and big bands and songbooks it’s hard not to love this dress.

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Fab 1940s Cardigan Yellow

Match a yellow cardi with yellow belt shoes and handbag and you’ve got an outfit!

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Revival Retro 1940s Clothing Mable Satin Ivory

Mable 1940s Blouse Ivory

Perfect little darted blouse. Flattering cut. Ivory satin.

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Hepburn 1940s High Waist Trousers  Navy

Hepburn 1940s High Waist Trousers Navy

Create a classic tailored look that exudes effortless style.

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Pagoda Umbrella Blue

Pagoda Umbrella Blue

The finishing touch for a rainy day.

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Classic 1940s-Style-Trousers-Black-Garter

1940s Garter Trousers – Black Ink

An exceptionally flattering 1940s style trouser made of a heavyweight structured cotton.

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Lauren Chocolate Revival Retro Dress

The Lauren Retro Dress Chocolate

This beautiful dress is extremely flattering on all shapes and sizes and looks great on curvy ladies.

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Sophisticated Vintage Dress Green Olive

The Sophisticated Vintage Dress Olive

A fantastic versatile vintage style dress available in sizes 8-18.

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Trouser Suit Pant Blue

The Angelina Trouser Suit Blue

Define your own style. Choose from Navy or Red for this amazing trouser suit.

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