Vintage Jewellery

Revival Retro strives to bring you the very best in vintage inspired design and reproduction classics, our vintage jewellery range is no different.

We choose every item for it’s beauty and unique appeal. Whether you are looking for something for yourself to complete an outfit, as a gift for a special someone, for a vintage wedding for bride or bridesmaids, we have something for everyone. We often have lot’s more designs instore than you ill see on the website, particularly of our art deco reproduction vintage jewellery, contact us if you are unable to make it to the store and need help or advice: 0207 636 8922 or

Below is a selection from our vintage inspired jewellery range


Ivory Opal Earrings

These ivory opal earrings will compliment your wedding dress without taking over. Soft and feminine in pale white, a great price and available both in store and online.

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Ivory Opal Bracelet

A pretty, feminine, opal inspired bracelet, which will compliment a wedding dress or a vintage inspired Spring/Summer outfit.

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Ivory Opal Hair Slides

Pretty vintage inspired hair slides in a pearly ivory white. Perfect for brides.

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Blue Opal Hair Slides

Opal inspired hairslides to add a bit of sparkle to any coiffure. Available in Ivory and Pacific Blue.

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Blue Opal Bracelet

A pretty vintage inspired bracelet in two different colours. A perfect sparkle to enhance any outfit.

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Vintage Flower Earrings

These dainty flower earrings are pretty and wearable. Available in Pacific blue and ivory.

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Blue Opal Earrings

Gorgeous opal inspired earrings. Small and pretty, at a great price.

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Rose Hair Slides – Cream and Brass

Pretty rose vintage inspired hairslides. Suitable for brides-to-be or as an addition to a pretty-as-a-picture up do.

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Vintage Flower Bracelet

A delicate bracelet, available in two colours. Feminine and floral, the perfect addition to your outfit.

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Art Deco Earrings Skyscraper

Stunning long drop earrings with a choice of green, black or red detail.

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Topaz Jewellery Revival Retro

Golden Topaz Necklace

Need something understated but with an air of luxury, the warm tones of yellow topaz will add the right amount of glitz.

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Golden Topaz Bracelet

Golden Topaz Bracelet

These warm coloured gems add a touch of sparkle.

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Art Deco Statement Necklace

Art Deco Statement Necklace

Words can’t do justice to this stunning art deco necklace.

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Vintage Inspired Crystal Earrings subtle

Vintage Inspired Crystal Earrings

Simple and subtle small drop earrings.

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1920s hair band art deco jewellery

1920s Hair Band Art Deco Jewellery

A statement 1920s head piece with beautiful art deco design.

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1920s Feather Fascinator

1920s Feather Fascinator Black

Looking for 1920s accessories? This fantastic feather fascinator is available in white or black.

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Vintage Inspired 1950s Costume Jewellery

1950s Vintage Inspired Leaf Brooch

A beautiful brooch in a leaf motif.

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Vintage Jewellery 1950s Grace

Grace 1950s Necklace

Delicate daisy chain necklace, matching bracelet also available.

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Grace 1950s Bracelet

1950s style jewellery inspired by style icon Grace Kelly.

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Vintage Jewellery 1950s Pearl Earrings

Margaret 1950s Pearl Earrings

Pretty little pearl drop pierced earrings. A great gift!

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Lulu vintage Jewellery 1930s Style Earrings

Lulu 1930s Style Earrings

Add an elegant touch of sparkle to any outfit.

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Vintage Jewellery 1930s Lulu

Lulu 1930s Style Vintage Jewellery

A simply beautiful set inspired by ‘Lulu’ Louise Brooks.

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Lelong Jazzy

1920s Jazz Earrings

A statement pair of 1920s Earrings.

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1920s Fascinator Feather White

1920s Feather Fascinator White

The perfect finishing touch to your hair style. £28

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Crystal Bow Drop Necklace

A charming Edwardian style pendant necklace.

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Charleston Beads Long Strand Pearls 1920s

Pre-Order 1920s Charleston Beads – Long

Long string of pearls for a flapper girl look. Available in three colours £22.

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Lula Vintage Earrings

Elegant vintage style drop earrings. Matching necklace available.

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Lula Vintage Necklace

Vintage style drop necklace featuring freshwater pearl. Perfect bridal accessory or to accompany that vintage dress.

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Lula 1930s inspired bracelet Vintage Jewellery

Lula Vintage Inspired 1930s Bracelet

An elegant 1930s style vintage inspired bracelet.

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Deco Inspired Earrings Silver

Going to a 1920s party? We have lots of great price accessories. Earrings £18.

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Vintage Jewellery 1920s Pearl Necklace

1920s Style Pearl Necklace with Diamante

Timeless Classics. Vintage style jewellery.

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Breakfast at Tiffanys Necklace

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Necklace

Inspired by everybody’s all time favourite movie.

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s Earrings

Timeless and elegant vintage style clip on earrings.

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Jewellery 1920s vintage earrings clip on

Vintage style 1920s Necklace Antique Blush Pearl Single

A delicate and feminine single strand of pearls with crystal flower motif.

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1920s Necklace Pearl Vintage Cream Triple

Beautiful 1920s style necklace with 3 graduated tiers of pearl in an antique colour.

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