Berkeley Leather Belt

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  • Practical and pretty handmade leather belt.
  • Due to our frustrations of never being able to find a high quality leather belt to sit around the high waist, we decided to design our own!
  • Made in the UK from a top grain leather, this is a high quality belt that will last for years and age beautifully.
  • This belt will go with dresses, high-waisted trousers and even as an addition to your favourite coat. You will wonder what you did without this belt in your life!
  • Shown here on our Soho Dress (click here to shop this dress) and Holborn Trousers (click here to shop these trousers).
  • The berry colour is a berry red burgundy, brown is a tan brown, black is solid black, green is a bottle green and navy is a navy blue.


  • XS: Holes at 60cm, 62cm, 64cm, 66cm, 68cm, 70cm (fits 24-28 inch high waist)
  • S: Holes at 64cm, 66cm, 68cm, 70cm, 72cm, 74cm (fits 25-29 inch high waist)
  • M: Holes at 72cm, 74cm, 76cm, 78cm, 80cm, 82cm (fits 28 1/2 to 32 1/4 inch high waist)
  • L: Holes at 78cm, 80cm, 82cm, 84cm, 86cm, 88cm (fits 30 3/4-34 1/2 inch high waist)
  • XL: Holes at 86cm, 88cm, 90cm, 92cm, 94cm, 96cm ( fits 33 3/4 to 37 3/4 inch high waist)
  • 2XL: Holes at 95cm, 97cm, 99cm, 101cm, 103cm, 105cm. (fits 37 1/4 to 41 1/3 inch high waist)
  • 3XL: Holes at 100cm, 102cm, 104cm, 106cm, 108cm, 110cm. (fits 39 to 43 inch high waist)
  • 4XL: Holes at 106cm, 108cm, 110cm 112cm, 114cm, 116cm. (fits 41.5 to 45.5 inch high waist)

Material & Provenance

High Grade Leather


Cope Studio

Based in the seaside town of Margate, Kent, COPE studio samples and batch-manufactures leather goods and accessories. Founded by Hannah Postle-Cope, COPE studio is a one-stop shop for design development, prototyping and manufacture to the highest luxury standard, specialising in using traditional techniques. ​All products are handmade in the UK.
Cope Studio and Revival Retro

Rowena has been working with Hannah for a few years now. Together they have designed our wonderful Berkeley belts and are in the sampling phase of some new and exciting products. 

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