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Woman stands with a bicycle wearing a Trashy Diva dress

I first came across Trashy Diva in 2009. I was just astounded by the amazing prints they offered and the amazing selection of dress designs. Though I knew many brands offering retro dresses that were figure hugging stretch materials it was a breath of fresh air to find rayons and silks that were floaty, feminine and chic.

Each piece from Trashy Diva was designed to be both timeless and ageless with inspiration taken from antique and vintage clothing with a strong emphasis on feminine styles that flatter a variety of body types.

Trashy Diva have changed over the years though; their designs and aesthetic began, in our opinion, to veer in a different direction for a while. They began to source different fabrics which performed quite differently. The biggest change of all was that they stopped selling to retailers around the world.

Trashy Diva clothing is (to the best of our knowledge, at the time of writing) only available direct from them in New Orleans.



Girl sits reading book in cafe, she wears carefully coordinated outfit comprising Trashy Diva dress, vintage style shoe and bag.


Revival Retro was one of only a handful of UK stockists and it's sad that we can no longer offer our customers the beautiful print dresses from Trashy Diva that we used to import and sell in our London shop.

All clothing companies change over time, both creativity and logistics demand that. The one thing that we love and respected about Trashy Diva though was they always tried to put out an inclusive size range. We really miss that because there are so few vintage inspired designers able and willing to do that.

The good news, however, is that we offer many other vintage reproduction brands and in our own range we are inspired by those aspects of vintage dressing that we feel used to inform Trashy Diva circa 2009-2015 so please browse our site and see what we have on offer. 

If Trashy Diva ever recommence production of the beautiful, vintage print, rayon / crepe de chine dresses at affordable prices and if they once again offer them to stockists across the world, you can be assured that this UK small business would welcome the opportunity to stock them again. 




Trashy Diva Clothing helped us create a desired look. We still love that look and although we source clothing from other brands now, we still offer a vast selection of jewellery, accessories, bags and shoes that will help you put a whole outfit together. Visit our London shop or click the image below to start a journey through our site to help you create your look. 


Audrey Hepburn inspired jewellery set from Breakfast at Tiffany's worn with red velvet coat inspired by Greta Garbo from Trashy Diva Clothing



Revival Retro ships worldwide from our London shop. Whether you're browsing online or visiting us in person we are here to help. 


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