Stop Staring UK Stockist

Stop Staring UK Stockist

Revival is a Stop Staring UK stockist of Stop Staring dresses; Stop Staring is an American fashion brand based in Los Angeles, renowned for their vintage inspired dresses and retro clothes for the modern women.

The Stop Staring range features glamorous and fabulous designs inspired by the fashions of the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Reviving the styles of the past but drawing on the knowlde and technical advances in the present designer Alicia Estrada has created form fitting dresses that are flattering to every figure. When you try on a Stop Staring dress you will understand what a fabulous experience it is to own one of these gorgeous dresses.


  Stop Staring UK stockist Stop Staring Twilight Dress

Designer Alicia Estrada understands women's bodies and our foibles about them. She creates dresses with vintage styling details that distract from problem areas. As these vintage inspired designs are timeless and classic they won’t go out of trend next month such as a high street purchase will and that means value; these dresses are a great investment, especially as they are top quality workmanship and materials.

Some customers who want to try the Stop Staring dresses are nervous that they wont fit or wont look good on their shape so they bring along friends or partners for moral support. Selecting the right style and size for your size, body shape, complexion, sometimes takes a few attempts to get it absolutely right, but when you’ve got it you have the confidence to wow the world. Shrieks of delight, wolf-whistles and jaw dropping reactions are pretty much the norm reactions from friends and partners.

Stop Staring Plus Size
Revival Retro is also the Stop Staring UK stockist for Stop Staring Plus Size, up to size 20 in most styles and up to size 26 in selected styles. We dont have everything in stock but we do take special orders and requests.

We really enjoy selling Stop Staring clothing they are the perfect antidote to what you find on the high street. With Stop Staring’s vintage inspired tailoring they are the perfect brand to fit with the aims of Revival Retro. We have the biggest and best selection of Stop Staring dresses in the UK. Having happy customers is so important to us and if we're seeing them in person then seeing their reactions is an even bigger bonus.

We’ve never heard so many ‘ooh’s’ and ‘aah’s’ as when we started selling these dresses. We’ve seen girls jump up and down from excitement, We’ve seen girls faces light up as they remember they do have a fabulous figure to flaunt, we’ve seen women smile from ear to ear because they know how good they look!

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