Pre-Order FAQs

 Q: Why are you switching to pre-order?

 A: There are three main reasons why we are embracing a pre-order model:

1. Sustainability - We know the biggest environmental impact of the clothing industry is waste and we do not want to add to that. Only manufacturing what has been pre-ordered will radically reduce the amount of waste in our clothing production. 

2. Plus size inclusivity - One of the most interesting pieces of feedback from our Plus Size consultations was customers being willing to shop on pre-order if it means a better variety of items in their size. While our Own Range is regularly sized between 6 and 24, we want to expand our size range up to 28. As a small business it is very difficult to manufacture such a wide range of sizes in the traditional way but a pre-order model allows us more flexibility. 

3. Small business, big dreams - It is no secret that the pandemic and Brexit has hit many small independent business like our own hard and we have had to pivot our approach. Embracing a pre-order model is the most effective way to keep our boutique in business. This model may change but for the moment, this is the first crucial step in our evolution. It also allows us to keep experimenting with designs so that we can continue to offer you unique garments. 


Q: Can I pre-order anything?

A: Pre-order will only be available on some of the key items within our Own Range, starting with our upcoming AW21 collection. You will be able to choose from a range of sizes but the styles and colours will be pre-determined. Take a look at our pre-orders page to see what is currently available. 


Q: What if I want something in a different colour or made to measure?

For the moment our pre-order model is not a "made to measure" or bespoke tailoring service. It is an opportunity to guarantee your size in items from our core collection. However if there is an item from our Own Range you would like to see in a different colour or tweaked in some way, please let us know and we will bear this feedback in mind for future collections. 


Q: When and how do I pre-order?

The best way to know when we are launching pre-orders is to sign up to our newsletter. We will let you know exactly what is available for pre-order and the deadline for ordering to guarantee your size. This is likely to be a 2 week window.

After this deadline, there will opportunity to pre-order from the small batch of sizes we are able to make based on the demand in the first orders. 

Once the pre-order deadlines have passed, the only items that will be available in store from this collection will be a very limited number in a few sizes and any items that have been returned. There will be no guarantee of us having an item in your size unless you pre-order by the first deadline.


Q: Can I return a pre-ordered item?

A: Yes, you will have 28 days from the date your item is delivered to request a return and send it back to us. We have a variety of shipping and return options on offer which make this very simple. For more information, please look here.


Q: When do I pay?

A: You pay when you pre-order online as you would any other product from our website. You can also select to have it delivered to you. To see our full range of delivery options for both in the UK and internationally, please look here.


Q: Why are some items from your Own Range available now and not pre-order?

A: Not all items are launched via our pre-order service. To see what is currently available to pre-order, please look here