Old Hollywood Glamour Inspires A Wardrobe Makeover

At Revival Retro Boutique in London we look to the past for our wardrobe inspiration.

"Despairing with trend led, high street fashion that didn't suit me and fell apart in five minutes I looked to my heroines for wardrobe inspiration" explains business owner, Rowena Howie. Leading ladies of the silver screen in the 1930s and 1950s exuded such style and grace. They had presence and poise but more importantly they always appeared well dressed. At work or play, on set or in the street they managed to present a stylish and confident image. 

At our boutique in central London we use Old Hollywood Glamour as inspiration to create a wardrobe of smart and sophisticated style appropriate to each customers needs. Every woman is different, we find garments that will fit and flatter her shape, nobody walks out the store with anything that looks less than stunning. We also take into account practical needs for work, special occasions or everyday wear. Our exceptional staff work tirelessly to find the right outfit for each woman.
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