Lindy Hop Clothing, Mens 1940s Trousers, Tops & More

***This page is from 2016. Revival Retro no longer stocks any menswear.***

Revival Retro is a shop in central London, England, stocking a large range of reproduction 1940s clothing suitable for lindy hop and all kinds of swing dance. You can visit the shop and talk to our staff, many of whom are keen swing dancers themselves.

We understand how hard it is to find suitable vintage style clothing for men that not only looks the part, but is also practical to dance in. 
So, guys, here's one of our best selling 2 piece 1940s suits. We are going to give you our recommendations on why it's a great investment for any lindy hopper:
Lindy Hop Clothing for Men
You are going to get hot on the dancefloor. The Swingin Savoy is LIGHTWEIGHT.
The dancefloor is busy, European venues rarely have air-con, you're being energetic. You're going to be hot! Let's not make you even hotter than you need to be!
 Mens Reproduction 1940s Clothing Swing Dance Lindy Hop
It's versatile, you can go CASUAL with an open neck shirt.
The great thing about this style is it lends itself well to an open neck shirt style. Let's face it, being able to pull off a 40s look, whilst not dressing up and even better, not wearing a tie, is a big bonus, guys! Add braces over an open neck shirt, or even just a vest. Optional extras for a casual look would be a slipover (tank top), a newspaper boy style cap, or a neckerchief (also a brilliant device if you sweat a lot).
Mens 1940s Clothing at Revival Retro London
Smarten up. Dress Up. Have a wardrobe full of ACCESSORIES for different looks.
Our favourite 1940s suit is a 2 piece comprising of a vintage style trouser and matching waistcoat. With these basics, you can reinvent your look again and again. Build a wardrobe full of colourful and patterned braces! You can have a dozen white shirts, but what about a baby blue one? A maroon one? A black one? Similarly, collect vintage ties; these you can find in vintage shops and there's a whole range of reproduction ones out there too.
London Lindy Hop Shop
These 1940s Mens Trousers are MACHINE WASHABLE!
It's not sexy or stylish but it is stupidly important. Vintage originals will not stand repeat wash and wear. Items with a Dry Clean Only label will cost you a fortune over time. Cheap trousers will fall apart. What you need is a good quality trouser that will still look good after repeated wash and wear.
Many thanks to London dancer, Ed, for helping us demonstrate why this 1940s suit is such a great choice for Lindy Hop and Swing Dance.
If you have questions for our staff, or would like to visit our shop, then see below for our contact details. We will be only too happy to help.


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