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The Revival Retro Boutique in London UK carries a wide range of flapper dresses at our centrally located shop. Our collection is, we believe, the best and most diverse range of flapper dresses for sale at a bricks and mortar shop this side of the pond.
flapper dresses uk
For starters we offer a large range of beaded and sequinned 1920s dresses for the woman who wishes to be the centre of attention at a special event. Our beaded flapper dresses are best quality garments, highly esteemed and worthy of passing on as an heirloom or special gift to someone else afterwards. We also have flapper dresses in an array of fabrics and styles, not so ornate or adorned but equally special.
1920s flapper dresses 
Most of our flapper dresses are available as 'ready to wear'. Visiting our London UK boutique offers you the chance to shop and compare in the comfort of our changing rooms with expert staff on hand to help. Many of the styles are available in our online shop too and we ship worldwide. Only a few of our flapper dresses are limited to special orders to those who can visit in person for a special consultation.
Flapper dresses UK
As the UK specialist in 1920s flapper dresses we also offer daywear, afternoon tea dresses, styles suitable for a garden party and dresses with sleeves suitable for the chillier European climate. In addition, of course, to a large range of party dresses.
flapper dresses uk 
flapper dress uk 
All of our flapper dresses are reproductions and available in a range of sizes including some plus sizes. More importantly though, it's about shape. Visiting the store will allow you to find the dress most flattering to your figure and buy the appropriate shoes in the correct comfortable size.
1920s flapper dresses
There are lots of accessories to choose from as well including some beautiful art deco jewellery pieces.
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Please browse our online collection of 1920s dresses, 1920s shoes and 1920s accessories but know that we have many more styles in our London store. Stock is constantly changing and updating and our knowledgable staff will help meet your needs to deliver your desired look by your required date.

Many of our customers are buying for a special occasion e.g. birthday / trip on the Orient Express / anniversary / themed party / awards ceremony or gala dinner and there will be plenty of choice for you to walk out the store with a complete outfit.

Other customers, particularly bridal parties, may have specific colour schemes, size needs in various dresses or special orders that we work with them to fulfill in plenty of time before the big day. Whatever your needs are our team are ready to help with your enquiry.
Without a doubt though, it's the shoes that complete the outfit, if you want to look authentically twenties then our choice of 1920s shoes is going to knock your socks of.
1920s shoes
Below are pictures from a fashion show we presented at the UK Fashion and Textile Museum in January 2017. The aim was to use our reproduction 1920s style dresses to bring to life 1920s fashion in this special event to complement the original 1920s dresses displayed in the Jazz Age exhibition. Being antiques the originals were only able to be shown on static mannequins and laid flat in glass cases. Showing flapper dresses modelled on women of all shapes and sizes was a well received change and we post the pictures here as inspiration for your shopping trip to Revival Retro in London. 
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