1920s Ritz Shoes

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  • Gorgeous 1920s/1930s style shoe
  • An exact replica of a real pair of 1920s shoes
  • Goes perfectly with long evening dresses such as our Ritz dress
  • Unique triple knot detail on the vamp
  • Oozes Ginger Roger-eque glamour
  • Antique gold metallic shade complements all colours and continues to look more authentic as they age


  • 3 1/4 inch heel
  • Average fit
  • The leather will relax and take on the shape of your foot after a few wears so still comfortable for those with wider feet

    Material & Provenance

    leather uppers, leather soles


    Revival Retro and ReMix Vintage Shoes Although ReMix is an American company their high quality shoes are made in Spain. Spanish production is well known for it's high quality workmanship working with leather. These shoes are hand-finished and we have many faithful customers who have come back for more pairs of these fantastically comfortable, well made, low heels. ReMix does make shoes in other parts of the world but the styles we stock are all made from the softest leathers at trusted factories. Having worked with ReMix for around a decade we know their shoes and we only source those that we genuinely believe meet our customers expectations.

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