Lottie Loves Comfortable Heels

August 16, 2018
Chie Mihara Shoes London Stockist

Heels have to be comfortable! On my feet all day at work and traversing London by public transport, there is no way I would wear a pair of heels unless I know they are not going to be crippling me at the end of the day. In my opinion Chie...
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The Fabulous Kensington Trousers

July 05, 2018
The Kensington trousers are officially my new favourite item of clothing, and here are the reasons why. They are machine washable and don't require ironing.  Perfect for me as I hold the opinion that life is too short for ironing. The material feels fabulous against the skin, making the trousers super comfortable. High...

Hanne's Heaven: Aviator Shoes by Re-Mix Vintage Shoes

June 16, 2018
Usually they say that it's a bad idea to wear a brand new pair of shoes for a long outing, but with the Re-Mix Vintage Shoes Aviators, I highly disagree.
While I know they say that you shouldn't wear new shoes on a day you're going to be out long, I couldn't resist with the Aviators by Re-Mix Vintage Shoes. May 17th is Constitution Day in Norway, where I was born and raised. In 1814, Norway's union with Denmark was...
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Bobbie Swing Coat in New York!

June 08, 2018
New York New York!
Bobbie Swing Coat
One of the best parts of going on holiday is purchasing new clothes to wear on holiday and once I'd booked my flights to New York I started making a list of what I needed.  But instead of swimwear and sun hats, what I desperately needed was a new coat! ...
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Pandora's Box at BFI Southbank

June 06, 2018
This week we had a team outing to see Pandora's Box at BFI Southbank. Starring Louise Brooks, the original 'It Girl' this was a piece of vintage cinema we didn't want to miss. The digitally restored version of Pandora's Box is running at BFI until 14th June. Book your tickets...
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Lottie Loves | Beatrice

May 24, 2018
When I got a preview of the Beatrice dress I squealed and I counted down the days until it arrived.  Once it arrived in store I was blown away about how much I loved it on me!  It's made from 100% cotton meaning it's very comfortable to wear and machine...
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Around Town with Megan

May 12, 2018
Style blog London around town in a panama hat Simple chic outfit for around town this summer. Rowena put this look together for model, Megan. It's our classic shirt dress the 'Fitzroy', a comfortable and classy dress that is multi purpose. I've worn this dress to work, i packed it for a cruise holiday and I also dressed it...
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Shoes to put Spring and Summer in your Step!

April 27, 2018
When it comes to Spring and Summer styles, I believe in making your life easy. And also rebelling and wearing whatever the flip makes you happy. Because, frankly, my feet are very important to me, and if they're not happy then the rest of me certainly isn't! Which is why...

Sarah's Shoe of the Month: Emai

April 24, 2018
Oh me, oh my, Emai! You have stolen my heart!!! Ok, fair, there was no real way I wasn't going to love you. First: You're made by Chie Mihara. Which means that there's a 99.9% chance you will be the most comfortable shoe ever. (compared to the not-Chies I own)...
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Have you ever fallen in love?

April 19, 2018
Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside. I do like to be beside the sea!
I've found a new favourite dress, and I might have gone a little ham.
That is to say, have you ever fallen in love with a dress? I know I have, and this spring, the object of my affections turned out to be the Louise dress, fresh in here at Revival Retro.  This light cotton dress is perfect for spring and summer. As I...
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