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What to Wear to Ladies Day

May 26, 2015
 Sarah gives us her outfit tips on 'What to Wear to Ladies Day'
   SHOP LADIES DAY DRESSES AND SHOES Have you got a Ladies Day event to go to? Are you fretting about frocks? Dizzied by dress codes? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. First of all, let's think about what your day will *actually* entail: Lots of sitting down? Walking around...
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Sarah Recommends: The Arabella Dress

May 10, 2015
 Sarah Recommends It’s a rare and special feeling: trying on a dress, seeing yourself in it for the first time, and LOVING it. Not just the ‘Aw, this is nice,’ feeling, but the ‘Holy mother of dresses, that’s me?!’ feeling! Regular ladies in store will be nodding their heads sagely...

Floral Dresses for the win!

April 14, 2015
I love me some florals- throughout the year I must add, but there’s nothing like a new floral dress at the start of spring. The nights are getting longer, we’ve had the first few sunny days of the year, and my fellow Londoners seem a little less grumpy and more...
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Pick your own bridesmaid dress

March 24, 2015
Are you one of the lucky women for whom the bride uttered those fabulous words ‘wear something you like!’ Bells ringing, Joyful day. There is hope. Celebration. (and that’s just in my heart, not even for the wedding day).   It’s easier said than done though. There are rules and...
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What to wear on a date when it’s beginning to get serious?

February 10, 2015
Love is in the air. It may or may not have been spoken yet but there’s a certain understanding… A special date is coming up, perhaps Valentines, and maybe something special has been arranged, or not? Maybe you’re content to stay in and have a meal or go down to...
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What to wear to a hot date?

February 08, 2015
Tory Smith Photography What to wear to a hot date? It’s going really well. You are totally into this. Things are progressing. Tonight you want to look sensational. You want to feel sexy. Dammit, you are sexy! You are hot! You are amazing! Yes, you are! Wear any of these...
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Jewellery to Accessorise your LBD

November 09, 2014
Your favourite gold or silver jewellery is the easy way to accessorise your LBD but if you fancy something different try one of these ideas.   Honey coloured Topaz gives the warmth of gold but the sparkle of a gem stone. Buy Necklace Buy Bracelet Buy Earrings   Statement earrings are...
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Katherine Hepburn Style: Trousers

October 08, 2012
No doubt about it, one of my favourite all time style icons is Katharine Hepburn. That confident attitude, that knowing and slightly superior little smile, that high minded refusal to tow the line: Katharine Hepburn has self assured style and to me that's the most glamorous kind. Hepburn never seems...
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