Finishing Touches: 1920s Evening Style

July 14, 2016
Finishing touches really lift an outfit, and if you have a specific period you're dressing to, you'll want to get it right. In this blog I'm going to give you some simple finishing touches to add to your outfit with your flapper dress (or flapper style dress). More than anything, though,...

A smart casual dress for a special occasion

June 29, 2016
smart casual dressses
You've looked all over the high street and nothing is suitable. It doesn't seem like you are asking too much; just something smart and chic, not too much skin on show, below the knee preferably but something special, after all its for an occasion! You will be glad to know...
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Conceals and supports in all the right places!

June 10, 2016
Retro Dresses at Revival Retro Boutique
Ahh the lovely Lydia…. What did I do before I had the pleasure of you in my wardrobe, I wonder. She’s so comfortable & fits like a glove & I feel fabulously confident & secure whilst wearing her as she conceals & supports in all the right places, which is,...
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Chic Retro Dresses for Summer

May 27, 2016
We have a large selection of retro dresses at Revival but none have been as popular this summer as the NYlady Stop Staring dresses. Available in our boutique in a range of colours, and in swing skirt or pencil skirt varieties, we are in love with this sleeveless summer dress....
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A practical and stylish gem.

May 09, 2016
Retro Pantsuit Now, how can item of clothing be both playful & sophisticated?! How did they do that? The gorgeous red Arden Pantsuit is both those things, & sexy to boot. Not too revealing, not too conservative. It doesn't push any limits but it will push certain buttons. It's stand out enough...
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Green Crocodile Shoes

April 27, 2016
Green Crocodile Shoes at Revival Retro Uh huh. Oh yeah! This summer we have some "killer" crocodile shoes!!!!! Limited availability. These are going to get snapped up!!!!! (ok, enough of the puns, already!)     Aren't they beauties. Inspired by late 1940s shoes. Would have been popular throughout the 1950s. They have style, they have class...
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Sunshine and Sunglasses at Revival Retro!

April 15, 2016
Hello sunshine! We have some lovely sunnies in store- snap up a pair before they all go!
When the sun finally arrives, as well as that sudden urge to overhaul your entire wardrobe (seriously, I am SO OVER my cold weather stuff), there is also the inevitable realisation you haven't seen your sunglasses for several months. Not to worry, we have you covered. Click here for classic...
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New Mens Trousers, 1940s Style!

April 09, 2016


Mens 1940s Trousers at Revival RetroNew mens trousers require models! It's a real hardship, having such lovely gents come in  and talk size and fit!

Gentlemen, these are excellent trousers. You will find them comfortable, surprisingly easy to wear, and, considering the high quality of tailoring, a ridiculously reasonable price. Thumbs up all round! BUY these 1940s TROUSERS.  These trousers are made from an original pattern from 1945, and so will add a really authentic...
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Stop Staring Maeve Dress - Video Review

March 17, 2016
  When one of our regular customers told me she needed a new dress that had the versatility of day wear and evening wear I new exactly which one to recommend to flatter Chaka's height, proportions and complexion. Even better, Chaka had already perused the website before coming in and...
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Dress Crush: Havana Nights by Pin Up Couture

March 08, 2016
A beautiful colour, easy to wear AND has pockets?! How is this dress not in you wardrobe yet?
The Havana Nights dress is my new dress crush. Why? Because it is feminine, comfortable and versatile.  Made by Pin Up Couture, the Havana Nights is one of their best selling shapes of all time. Pin Up are known internationally for their body positive and size inclusive ranges, and I'm...
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