Vintage Trend Spotting: Kimono Jackets for Spring Summer 17

Kimono jackets have been popping up in high street brand shops and it's easy to see the appeal. Whether you want to to cover your upper arms or you're a die-hard 1930s fashion fan, there is definitely a place in your wardrobe for such an opulent feeling item. It's also one of the easiest pieces of 1930s clothing you can add to your wardrobe- as I think we can all agree that floor length bias cut dresses are not the simplest thing to wear!

Such gorgeous jackets don't have a small price tag even in places like Zara, so the way I see it is, why not spend a little bit more and get something made to a very high quality in luxurious and natural fibre fabrics? 
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I'm wearing our 1930s Clothing Kimono Jacket here (over our London Trousersuit), which is a silk and viscose mix. The pattern is gorgeous, and the lining is a block green. I made this pairing because to have a simple but still vintage feel. This Kimono Jacket deserves to be the centre of attention, so I suggest keeping everything else low key. High waisted trousers feel like a natural companion to the jacket, but a pencil skirt also works well.


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Wearing a vintage style kimono jacket doesn't have to necessarily feel dressy or vintage, as it works equally well with a top and a pair of slim fit trousers or jeans. Think modern artist! In terms of accessories, a wrap scarf or chunky edgy necklace will give it a super cool contemporary vibe.


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If you are into your vintage looks and with a keen eye for detail and coordination, I would suggest wearing green shoes with this and a mixture of pearl and jade jewellery. Phryne Fisher would be proud!
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