The Daywear Classic- Stop Staring Staple Shape

This Stop Staring dress is the ONE for everyday wear. I mean, its genuinely a daywear classic, not just a name!
Ever wake up and look at your wardrobe and sigh, because you’re just bored of wearing the same old thing to work? That’s because this dress is missing from your life!
We offer different colours and fabrics through the seasons
It is easy to wear so you can just throw it on and you’re ready to leave the house for work, lunch with friends, whatever! Want to wear it into the evening? No problem, throw on some banging jewellery and heels and you’re good to go.
You can look as lovely as Sam if not more so! And how about that sweet sleeve shape?

I LOVE the new version in black and white. It keeps things simple palette-wise. It looks great alone but it’s also very easy to accessorise however you want, making it as personal to your own style as needed. The shape is also very flattering, hugging all the right places. The belt nips you in with an adorable bow at the waist, and has ruching around the middle to flatter any areas you might not be as confident about. It’s sweet, confident and sophisticated all in one. I think I might like it more than the red one!
Stop Staring is a highly regarded US brand, and we’re very lucky to stock it in our London shop - you won’t find many other places in the UK where you can come in and actually try it on rather than having to order online and do your best to guess the size.
So if you’ve been wondering where to buy Stop Staring in London, look no further. We've got your back at Revival!
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