Rosie Recommends: Stop Staring Watercolour Dress

Stop Staring Watercolour dress is back!  Yes, really!  It is a firm favourite with us on the team as well as customers because it is the perfect 'day at the races' meets 'ultimate wedding guest' dress- and we're super excited to have it back in stock.

We all love the classic Stop Staring Billion Dollar dress, and this style brings you the same luxuriously curvaceous shape but instead of the usual monotone, it's in this beautiful floral watercolour print. The fabric is also different to the usual billion dollar- it's not stretchy- so be mindful when looking at sizing.

When the sun comes out we love to reach for the 1950s dress styles and this classic style is fabulously flattering! We've found it works for athletic shapes just as much as curvy ladies because the combination of the silhouette and the print is a great combination to keep the eye moving over the body.



I think that this Stop Staring dress is perfect for spring and summertime. As there's all the different colours in it you can wear it over and over again, switching your chosen accessories' colour every time. Whether you're going for red accessories, pink, teal, green, or white, you can have a different look each time meaning you can get loads of use out of this dress. The more you wear it the more the cost-per-wear goes down. Dress maths!


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