Shoes to put Spring and Summer in your Step!

When it comes to Spring and Summer styles, I believe in making your life easy. And also rebelling and wearing whatever the flip makes you happy. Because, frankly, my feet are very important to me, and if they're not happy then the rest of me certainly isn't!

Which is why I'm starting my pick of this seasons shoes with some black shoes. Yeah, that's right. To be fair, they are pretty flipping summer appropriate though, with the added bonus you can wear them for work. (Except for this of you working in science labs. Health and safety rules about open toe shoes are there for a reason!)

I already own the Anita in red from a few years ago, so I can tell you that the black versions are just as deliciously 1940s in inspiration, just as comfortable, but slightly more awesome because there is something crisp and executive about the black ones. And if you can't get past the black, we do also have them in ivory.

See Anita here

Next on the list is the Basi by Chie MiharaThese beauties are not as high as you might think, as they have a well hidden platform that helps them look higher than they actually are. Throw in some lovely soft hues of blues and greys, an orthopaedic sole, and BAM! You have a yummy and practical sandal that will work with pretty much everything.

Ooogle Basi here

Moving swiftly on, check out these stunners! The Ginger sandal is very 1930s in design inspiration but actually have a very modern feel because of the crips white contrasting against the red trim. Also, these are incredibly comfortable, like, eyebrow raisingly so, and combined with the fact that they look incredibly pretty on, you've got  a killer combo. If you spend your summers in vintage inspired separates then these are the shoes for you!

Give Ginger the eye here

Next up is Nenu, another Chie Mihara pick. After looking at the picture it should be immediately obvious why they're on this list: They're absolutely bloody stunning. End of. But if you need more boxes ticked, how does small block heel and orthopaedic soles sound? Yep, thought you'd like that.

Need Nenu? Follow this link.

My final pick is a shoe that I loved enough that I actually wrote a whole separate blog about it. I had to take lots of pictures of me in the shoe,  ('oh no'), so to save repeating myself just have a read here. It's called Emai and it's another Chie Mihara. It's got orange in it and it's the absolute bees knees.


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