Posted by: Sarah Spenser on April 14, 2017

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Oh Marcie. You are so substantial, but so light as a feather. How do you do that?

I love the way your gold platform adds a flash of glamour.

I can't decide if you're more 1940s wedge sandal, 1970s wedge sandal, or some kind of crazy cool combination of the two. Which makes me confused, because the 1970s were more interested in the 1930s. But anyway, I digress.

Oh Marcie,
I love the fact your uppers are leather, so when my wide feet swell up it doesn't feel like I'm wearing foot prisons!

I love the ankle straps, because after years of feeling like I had no ankles I can see I clearly do. Thank you for making them look dainty.

I love the way you work with my skirts and my capri trousers. The way I can do a whole day in the shop sashaying around wearing you and not even break a sweat.

Thank you Marcie... Please come in silver next year!

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Sarah Spenser

Our London store manager and general knowledgeable person, Sarah has lots of opinions on lots of things! She's known by our customers for her straight no-nonsense talk and keen eye for an excellently put together outfit. She hosts most of the Top-to-Toe appointments and runs the London team Instagram. (@RevivalRetro_TeamLondon)