Sarah's Shoe of the Month: The Chie Mihara Irma in Red

by Sarah Spenser March 03, 2017

This blog is now out of date but you can Shop current Chie Mihara here


Behold, the beautiful strong red suede.

Admire the apple-pie like lattice detailing at the front. (Yes, that's why I've dubbed it the 'apple pie' shoe!)

Swoon at the padded orthopaedic insole with incredibly well placed arch support. (Seriously, it hits that squidgy bit of the foot arch and just feels SO good!)

I first wore this shoe for 6 hours straight and I had NO blisters, no transference of red onto my stockings and a compliment on the shoe design from almost every lady who I walked past. 

Marvel at the hidden platform which makes the heel much lower.
Coo over the high level craftsmanship. This shoe was handmade! To put this shoe on is to instantly understand its price tag and wonder why it's not actually higher.

If you were looking for one red shoe to rule them all... you just found it!

Sarah Spenser


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