Sarah Loves | Emmy New Spring Summer Cardigans

If you've ever met me in person, or you follow the team or my personal instagram, you will know that I pretty much LIVE in Emmy Cardigans. I am always cold.

Just a quick collection of cardigan selfies. There are a few not pictured!

Every season I buy at least one- my thinking being that the more I have, the more I can spread the wear across the garments so they last longer. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!) It also means that the more colours I have, the less I need to buy with each new season. That totally works, right?! Happily/Sadly there are a lot of new colours this year that I just simply must have.

I digress.

This SS18 we are seeing completely new styles from our dear friend Emmy, after many years of success with the Suzie Q style in summer, it has been retired, and we are being treated to a brand new knit pattern called the Peggy Sue. (Pre order found here)

We got samples in of the new style as a preview, and I will be the first to admit that I threw a little bit of a strop when I saw the new knit. I loved the old knit pattern, and being a creature of extreme habit, I was suspicious.

And then I put one on.... and it was love at first try. OBVIOUSLY. I mean, how could I ever doubt it?! 

There is absolutely nothing I would change. I love the knit pattern, and I think the contrast between the plain knit and the cable makes it look really stylish and makes it subtly more 1940s style.

On to Cardigan number 2! New style Delightful Daytime (pre order found here) is similar to a much older cardigan I have from Emmy from several years ago, and it's about flipping time she brought it back, if you ask me!

It's a lighter weight herringbone knit, and not quite as cropped. I love it because it works with more modern waistbands (because, shockingly, I'm not wearing high waisted garments every day.) I can throw my hair up in a scarf, put on a cute tee and jeans, and team it with the Delightful Daytime for warmth and to give my off duty look a bit of style.

Every season we sell out so we have now started doing pre orders for customers who are the most keen, so they don't miss out. Get your thicker knit Peggy Sue HERE and your lighter knit Delightful Daytime HERE.

You can also follow the team instagram HERE!


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