Samantha's Blog: What to Wear for Goodwood Revival

Goodwood Revivial is just weeks away & I haven’t yet decided on what I’m wearing!! Eek!! Must stop dilly-dallying & make some decisions. You are all wearing a different ensemble each day, aren’t you, or that just me? And with a Best Dressed competition daily, I want my Goodwood outfits to look tip top.


This is our regular customer Sarah in the Green Timeless. Her first green dress!

Without question, Goodwood Revival outfit no.1 has to be the stylishly classic Timeless dress. With the clever detailing giving a nod to the 20s, 30s & 40s, the flat fan detail at the collar & waist, the 30s inspired stitching, the length & cut of the skirt, it is just that. Timeless. Oh & the colour! The most gorgeously flattering green that goes with so much. To complete this Goodwood outfit I'm going for a pair of Royal Vintage Shoes (which ones should I pick?!)  I’m also torn between teaming the frock with red accessories or cream. Which brings me to my next Goodwood Revival dress…


My colleague Sydney rocking some spots in the Celebrity. It's so good on curves!

The Celebrity. Navy with white polka dots, it’s an eye-catching fun one that fits like a glove but it super comfy & the ruching on the sides both flatters & enhances. And everything goes with navy. If I choose the ivory Lillie shoes for Goodwood then they’ll go with both dresses. Or the Veronica shoe in red! Wow! That would give me a completely different look with either outfit. Maybe I should opt for a lower heel though, like that on the Balboa, & now the balboa is available in red & ivory. Uh-Oh, I’ll be taking an extra bag full of shoes then.


Shop these beauties here!

Other colours online!

...But it's a 3 day event so I’ll need another dress for Goodwood. The Emily & Fin Floral 40s dress in red & white, teamed with the Remix Anita in ivory? I know Sydney was thinking of that. (Did you read her blog?)

Decisions, decisions….!


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