River wears 1940s Inspired vintage style

River lives in Cornwall. She is studying to be a vet but as a nice distraction she is getting in to vintage style, specifically classic 1940s style.

Red head woman in navy 1940s Piccadilly dress

When we met in the shop I was envious of her long red mane that she seemed to easily tame into countless different vintage hairstyles. Then again she was envious of my extensive vintage repro shoe collection so I guess we're equal.

You may have seen a recent call out I did on social media for any of our friends and fans to get involved with our Autumn plans and promotions. River had said she would love to come and get dressed up and take some pictures. This will be the first of many such blogs featuring many Revival women who chose to get involved this season.

There was one particular outfit River and I put together that many people have commented on. It's so simple, so elegant and with a dose of 1940s inspired style, it's a classic. 

It was a warm day in mid September when Autumn visited and the weather said to us that we were looking for wardrobe items that make an easy transition between the seasons.

The outfit started with our Own Range Kensington Trousers. River had said she is inspired by the 1940s and in my mind a pair of high waist, wide leg trousers are a wardrobe essential in this case. We have many trousers to choose from but I chose the Kensington's because they are a medium weight appropriate for the weather and because we offer them in the most stunning purple colour. 

I love a pop of colour, not too flashy but interesting enough to deserve a compliment. River agreed and they fit perfectly, at 5'9 if River had worn heels we would have had to let the trousers down but in flats they were just right,

 Purple high waist trousers


Next was to find a top and I gave River lots of choices but she opted for a new arrival just in from Emmy Design. A cream coloured 1940s blouse with lots of 1940s styling details. A different choice of top could have completely altered the look of the outfit but with the Favourite Blouse it was clear we were headed in a strong 1940s inspired aesthetic.

 Cream blouse, beret


Our shop is a wonderful place full of inspiration and it was River who spotted the beret up on the shelf and suggested we incorporate it in the outfit. Our friends at Atelier Millinery sell berets in a wonderful range of colours and River reached for a bluish tone. The purple trousers can be mistaken for navy in certain lights and tonally the beret did the same thing in reverse.

 Beret, 1940s style blouse and trousers


I love adding little details and amidst the latest jewellery delivery I had spotted a brooch whose flower styling mimicked the arch of a brow and amid the clear diamantes the head is a blue stone. It was just the right size to add to the beret and just above the brow to draw attention to the eye.


1940s style outfit, cream blouse and high waist purple trousers


We were just about done and the choice of some burgundy coloured brogues put one final idea in my head. I suggested to River a burgundy belt to pull it all together. Done. Voila!

Classic style. 1940s inspired. Vintage touches. The entire outfit from Revival Retro. Available in store or online subject to availability.




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