Sarah's Party Dress Picks!

This has to be my favourite party season to date. Never have I ever felt so spoilt for choice for party dresses! Velvet? Sequins? HELLO!

This is my "OMG I'm in a floor length dress that is made entirely of shimmering green sequins face" (Find it here.)

Seriously though, check it out. I did NOT want to take this incredible party dress off! (And here's another gratuitous selfie of my shimmering mermaid body in this gorgeous party dress.)

I think you get the picture. If you want one for yourself, (as you surely must do, because you clearly have taste and judgement if you're reading this) then you can find it by clicking here. We are selling out fast and I think we will likely be out of stock by the end of November. Please act swiftly!

(We do also have a gorgeous pencil version of it here if floor length is *slightly* too much for you, or if you want floor length but no sequins click here.)

Velvet dresses are also Kind Of A Big Deal right now. Why? Mainly because they feel DIVINE to wear. Seriously, you and your fabulous associates will not want to stop stroking the fabric. The struggle is real. Also, because of the texture of the velvet, they photograph so well!

Bad news- this beaut in the green velvet is sold out already. Yeah, I know. We're trying to get more. If your life feels incomplete without it, email us at to get on the waiting list. No promises though.

We do have a couple left in the red velvet though. If you're quick you might be able to catch one! (Side note, that's me modelling it on the website! Check me out!)


ALSO in velvet, this time a heart-wrenchingly gorgeous devoré, is this 1920s style dress. It's so new in that I haven't had a chance to take a selfie in it! I'm utterly in love with it though. It's so unusual to find devoré in this art deco pattern. I LOVE how it acts in the light. Look at our friend Nora in it- so elegant! (I'm not supposed to show anyone this picture yet but just look at how beautiful it is.)

This dress is a little less fitted, so it's the perfect dress for the season of indulgence, or for ladies who prefer to show off a little less of their figure. 

Look at this 1920s style dress here


And finally. Look at this 1940s style party dress. It's ideal for ladies who want something a little more low key but still feminine for the party season. That embroidered flower detail! I love how it brings a little pop of colour, and how sweet is this pic of Jess and her little man?

Bring some 1940s style to your party!

 I hope this has planted some ideas for your party season outfits. Naturally we have more comfortable party shoes and divine accessories than you can shake a stick at, so pop by any time between 11-7pm Monday to Saturday!




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