New Trashy Diva Wine Dots In Store Now!

You can always count on Trashy Diva for fabulous shapes and fabulous prints, and we're delighted to welcome back the 1940s Dress, the Ashley skirt and a fab new blouse in the new season Wine Dots.

Look at this gorgeous blouse!

There was much squeaking and delighting as we unpacked it, and obviously one of the perks of working here is that we get first dibs!

I grabbed myself an Ashley Skirt immediately as I'm really into my A-Line skirts right now, and it goes PERFECTLY with my red Well Dressed Cardi. (These cardigans are sold out, but you can email us at to get on the notification list for next year!)

Rosie has several versions of the Ashley dress which we have done in previous seasons, but this was her first 1940s Dress, and very happy she is with it indeed! And not just because it goes very well with her new Balboa heels in our custom order Ivory and Red!


And as I'm sure you can imagine, this print is flying out already! Click here to get yours!

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