New Emmy Design Sweden for Spring/Summer 2023

This season we fell utterly in love with the knitwear. I'm sure that comes as no surprise though! Emmy Design Sweden continue to design the most beautiful vintage inspired cardigans and sweaters that not only work with high waisted garments for a full vintage look, but also more modern height pieces such as high street jeans. 

We are thrilled to have the ever popular Susie Q Cardigan back in five colours to choose from; Sage, Petroleum, Butter, Navy and Burgundy.

Vintage cropped cardigan Susie Q by Emmy Design Sweden

Featuring a leaf and vine design in the knit, these cardigans are made from a 50/50 cotton and modal yarn. Modal is made from a natural cellulose from beech trees and pairs wonderfully with cotton to create a cardigan that is soft, smooth to the touch and tends to be less prone to creasing, pilling and shrinkage.

Made from the same yarn and brand new for this season, we're pleased to introduce you to the Shipmate Knit Tee.

Vintage style sweater Shipmate Knit Tee by Emmy Design Sweden

We have four colours for you to choose from; Burgundy, Petroleum, Tri-colour and Navy. As big fans of the Tip Top Knit Top from a few seasons ago and of the Sweater Girl Sweater, we are very much looking forward to having a cotton/modal alternative for the warmer months.

There have been numerous cries to bring back the Delightful Daytime Cardigan with bracelet length sleeves and pretty lace knit design so we are over the moon to tell you it's back this season! 

Vintage Style Cropped Cardigan Delightful Daytime by Emmy Design Sweden

All four colours; Peach, Sage, Raspberry and Coffee, are made from the wonderfully soft 100% merino wool Emmy Design Sweden became known for. 

If you prefer a full length sleeve in your wool cardigans, then the brand new Neat Knit Jacket Cardigan will be the one for you. We are pleased to offer you five colours to choose from; Raspberry, Ocean Blue, Sand, Sage and Navy.

Vintage style cardigan Neat Knit Jacket by Emmy Design Sweden

This slightly longer length cardigan features a deep ribbed waist, all over textured knit design, collar, buttons on the cuffs and smooth shoulders i.e. no gathers like the other styles. If you loved the I Forgot My Jacket Cardigan, then you will want to add the Neat Knit Jacket to your collection. 

The last knitwear design we chose is a little different for us but one we're sure you're going to love as much as us. Brand new for this season we're excited to introduce the Seaside Sweetie Sweater in classic and versatile navy.

Vintage Style Knitwear Seaside Sweetie Sweater by Emmy Design Sweden

As you can see from above it looks great worn out and tucked in. The sleeves add a little drama without being over the top and the functional buttons mean you can get in and out with ease. (any other glasses wearers ever found themselves stuck in a jumper?!) Made from the same super soft merino wool as the two cardigans above, we predict this is going to be a hit. 

When it came to dresses we couldn't add the gorgeous Everyday Shirtwaister Dress in Broderie Anglaise to our order fast enough! We have wanted a Broderie Anglaise dress in our collection for years so we are overjoyed to finally have one. Our love for this pretty fabric was triggered by a picture of Marilyn Monroe so we will absolutely be channelling her when we wear this! 

1940s Shirt Dess The Everyday Shirtwaister by Emmy Design Sweden

The versatility of both the shape and the cotton means it's going to be a staple this season. We can see it being dressed up, dressed down and everything in between. Really can't wait for this to arrive. 

Of course we know the above won't be for everyone but we wanted you all to be able to add a little of this dreamy fabric to your wardrobe so we also chose The Favourite Blouse in Broderie Anglaise.

1940s Style Blouse The Favourite Blouse by Emmy Design Sweden

This is going to pair fabulously with both the new cardigans and cardigans already in your wardrobe. Another versatile piece we know you're going to get a lot of wear from. 

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