Mix and Match Summer Separates

For summer 2020 our Own Range not only features gorgeous dresses to suit different figures (read Rowenas blog about them here) but also some really good mix and match separates that you'll reach for time and time again.

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After releasing our Park Lane blouses (view them here) we just knew we had to do a short sleeve version. Our Hampstead blouses (view them here) are made from the same Liberty Tana lawn cotton as the Park Lane blouses but the Hamsptead blouses feature a rounded collar, a more fitted silhouette and of course short sleeves!

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The Liberty Tana lawn cotton is dream to wear. It is a cotton that behaves like silk – ultra-fine, with a fluid hand-feel and intense depth of colour that is truly unrivalled. An everyday marvel of a dress material that is made without the use of crease resisting chemicals or irritating allergens, Tana Lawn cotton is soft yet durable, cooling yet warming, and even machine washable.

retro clothing London

The red berry Wiltshire print matches perfectly to our red Notting Hill skirt (view the skirt here) but thanks to the touch of teal in the print it also works splendidly with our teal Waterloo trousers (view them here)! Thank you to Katie (@instantgoddess) for the fab pictures.

retro clothing London

For our Notting Hill skirts we stuck with the GOTs certified organic cotton that Rowena delves into a bit more in her blog here. The fabric lends itself really well to this panelled full skirt. and we're pleased with how well it washes and wears. 

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As you may have guessed from the name, our Notting Hill skirts (view the red one here) have been developed from our Notting Hill dress (view it here). When we were developing that dress everyone kept commenting on how much they loved the skirt on it so really it was a no-brainer to make it into a skirt too.

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Now if you know us then it will come as no surprise that our Notting Hill skirts have pockets! We are always harping on about pockets because they're important to us and to many of you. I won't start listing all the reasons why they're important, but I will point out that the pockets in our Notting Hill skirt are practical. And by that I mean you can actually fit things in them. Even the biggest of phones fit in them. Along with your keys, purse and a snack. And don't worry the skirt has just the right amount of fullness that the line of the skirt isn't ruined so fill 'em up!

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When the temperature drops, you can team your Notting Hill skirt (view the blue one here) with one of the much loved Emmy cardigans. Whilst they are not specifically part of our Own Range, I'm including them here as they always feature in our general collection throughout the year as they are the ideal layer for many of our outfits. Thank you to Mona (@goodshoesbadhair) for the fab picture.

retro clothing London

Now we know not everyone likes a full 1950s style skirt so if you fall in that camp then you should really try our pleated Wandsworth skirt (view it here). It has a more 1940s style and was actually developed from an original vintage skirt. We updated the design by making the zipper concealed and by adding, you guessed it, pockets! 

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We wanted another fabric option for you too so this skirt is actually made from the same crepe fabric as our Pimlico dress (view it here). Everyone who owns that dress has raved about the fabric. It washes and wears well and is just really lovely to wear. We're thrilled to be able to offer more pieces in it.

retro clothing London

When we design our Own Range clothing we're thinking long term. Our pieces are made to last. These are not items that you wear for a season and throw out. So for those of you who have shopped our wool suiting in previous years you will be pleased to hear that the red berry Witshire print Hampstead blouse also works well with our wine wool suiting and the green/blue Floral Affair print Hampstead blouse works well with our brown wool suiting. 

If you missed out on our wool suiting in wine and brown, don't worry because both Hampstead blouses work well with our charcoal wool suiting that you can view and buy here.

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