Mary Loves the Knightsbridge Cape

I have been a fan of our Knightsbridge Cape ever since its inception back in 2018.

Vintage Style Women's Wool Cape

I love the way the cape has been designed to have a flash of colour through the use of the lining: pink with the grey and kingfisher with the navy. This season we have released the Knightsbridge in a glorious green wool with a midnight blue lining. What's not to love?

1940s style womens cape in green

It’s the perfect go to item when you look out the window and can't work out what the weather is doing. Is the sun going to come out or is it going to rain, do I need a jacket or not? This is where the cape comes into its own. 
Plus you will look super glam doing whatever it is you've got planned.

The Knightsbridge Cape is one of those items that as soon as I put it on I feel like a movie star whether I'm jumping on and off public transport, in and out of  shops or just doing the weekly food shop. I definitely love to swoosh around pretending I'm in a 1940s film and about to bump into my Gene Kelly.

Not only that but it comes with substantial pockets. They are big enough to fit my essentials of mobile phone, keys and lippy. Another thought through detail that I love is the fact that the jacket loop has been made large enough that you can fit the belt through it. Therefore when it is resting in your wardrobe or hanging in a cloakroom the belt can hang from the loop, saving it from getting lost. Clever!

It's a highly unique item that I've not seen anywhere else. Rowena certainly out did herself on the design of the cape. If you have one we'd love to hear your feedback. Have you received compliments, do you wear it everyday or keep it for special occasions? If you don't have one yet what are you waiting for? You won't regret it!

The Knightsbridge Cape was designed and made in London.

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