Lottie's Favourite Every Day Skirt

 If you have visited the boutique in the last month and a bit, chances are you have seen me in our Handy Pocket Skirt.  I'm seriously living in this skirt!  

Here I have paired it with the Every Day Blouse and Green Balboas.

Why do I love this skirt so much that I have two?  Well for a start it is such a great neutral colour that it goes with everything.  From a cream blouse to a green cardigan to a black t-shirt to a red sweetheart top to a teal jumper, I'm never stuck for something to pair it with.

The other main reason I adore this skirt is the pockets.  It's not called the Handy Pocket Skirt for nothing!  These pockets are so deep that as I type, one pocket is housing tissues, bank card, keys, loose change and nail glue (I'm wearing falsies, shh!) whilst the other has my phone, size cubes, lip balm and more tissues (I'm battling the sniffles so got to be prepared!).  The best part is that to look at me, you would never know!  The lines of the skirt aren't interrupted at all because the pockets are so deep and well placed.

Sian and the mannequin paired the skirt with the Flattering Fit Jacket

Whilst Amanda and Tanya paired it with the Curve Flattering Jacket.

Sarah keeping it classic with an Emmy Cropped Cardigan.

This fully lined skirt has been going down a storm which has made us very happy because we designed it ourselves!  That's right, we designed this skirt and had it made right here in London from gorgeous Italian wool mix fabric!  We're already in talks for our next release so stay tuned for that in the New Year...



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