Lottie Loves the Bishopess Blouse

I fell in love with the Bishopess Blouse as soon as I saw it as a line drawing before Emmy had even photographed the sample. I knew from the drawing alone that it was going to be a great vintage style blouse that would fit seamlessly into a wardrobe, from any decade from Victorian to 1940s/1950s to modern day.

Vintage Style Blouse - The Bishopess Blouse line drawing

I’m a sucker for details and this vintage style blouse has lots of my favourites! Let’s start with the cuffs because for me, cuffs can make or break a long-sleeved blouse.

Vintage Style Blouse - The Bishopess Blouse
Portrait mode was used on this picture, my skin is not this smooth in real life!

A long fitted cuff with functional buttons is my preference and this is exactly what the Bishopess Blouse has. The cuff fits me perfectly without feeling like my wrists are being restrained whilst the three functional buttons mean I can get the cuff over my hand with ease. As is usually the case with a button cuff, the buttons aren’t seen from the front when worn.

Vintage Style Blouse - Bishopess Blouse antique white 
Those of you familiar with sleeve terminology will have guessed from the name that the sleeves were full, and well, Bishop sleeve style. BUT! They are not overly full and exaggerated like other vintage style blouses with Bishop sleeves that we’ve seen; you don’t need to worry about knocking things over or dipping them in your drink as your reach across the table.

Vintage Style Blouse - The Bishopess Blouse 
The gathers at the top and bottom of the sleeves are nicely balanced and echo those found at the yoke detail on both the front and back. Now I love a yoke as it breaks up a garment, but you might be sitting there going what the heck is a yoke?! This is the front yoke on the Bishopess Blouse:

Vintage Style Blouse - The Bishopess Blouse front yoke
On blouses the yoke is the section that fits around the neck and shoulders and finishes most commonly above the bust across the upper chest and across the top of the back. They can be found on the front and back or sometimes just on the front or just on the back. I love how Emmy used them on the front and back not just to add detail but to also add fullness to the blouse bodice for a comfortable fit.

Vintage Style Blouse - The Bishopess Blouse back yoke

The last detail I’m going to point out is the collar, the versatile collar at that. When you first see this vintage style blouse I don’t think it’s immediately obvious that you can wear it both buttoned all the way up and unbuttoned. Buttoned all the way up gives you the opportunity to accessorise with gorgeous ties from regular neckties to bolo ties whilst unbuttoned leaves room for a scarf or necklace. Even if you choose the same way every time, it’s nice to know that you have the option to change it up.

Vintage Style Blouse - The Bishopess Blouse tie

So there you have it, I love the Bishopess Blouse. If you do too after reading this then you’re in luck! Not only do we have it in two super soft fabrics, antique white and rust plaid, I’ve got a secret little code for you to get 10% off both colours as a thank you for reading this and trusting my recommendation. At checkout pop in LottieLovesThisBlouse. Code is valid until 20th November but it can’t be used in conjunction with any other offer. And if you do go ahead and get one, drop me an email at boutique@revival-retro.com to let me know what you think!

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Vintage Style Blouse - Bishopess Blouse back
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