Lottie loves | Culottes

Anyone who knows me knows I'm strictly a dress and skirt kinda gal.  (apart from a brief love affair in the summer with skinny capri pants).  Trousers and me just don't get along.  But then along came these culottes...

....and all of a sudden I think I might be a trouser convert! 

Yes ok so they're not really trousers but they're as close as I'm going to get.  I tend to find trousers are not flattering on what I consider to be my boxy shape, but these are different.  The pleats on the front are surprisingly flattering on my 'pouch' and the width of the legs means these are just as fun to wear as any skirt I own and gives the illusion of a waist.

I can see myself pairing them with this cute blouse every day for work and then accessorising them with different coloured tights underneath for a pop of colour.  (view our coloured tights range HERE).  

Of course my favourite feature are the pockets.  They're the same as our Handy Pocket Skirt from our first collection which if you have, you'll know how invaluable they are!  I can fit so.much.stuff. in them and still not ruin the silhouette.  They're incredible! 


So, to sum up, I love them! 

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