Posted by: Rowena Howie on September 17, 2016

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Autumn is coming and therefore it's time to talk about dresses with sleeves.
Recently arrived is this gorgeous long sleeved swing dress. With it's blue and white floral motif it is a subdued print that is perfect for daywear or work wear.

Long Sleeve swing dress

We had barely unpacked these dresses before staff member Sydney was trying this one on and immediately falling in love. For Sydney who is 5'3 the shorter length of the skirt was an immediate draw (many of the dresses in our shop are a longer 'vintage' length' There is no denying that this dress has vintage inspiration though, the swing skirt was another draw for Sydney who is a size 16 with ample hips. Also, Autumn is coming and this is the first of many dresses to arrive that have longer sleeves, ideal for the season.

Long sleeve dresses

Another reason we love this dress is because it is cotton and it's lined. It's comfortable and easy to wear. That's why it makes a great day dress for when you have things to do and people to see, whether it be at college, work, city sightseeing shopping or plain old mooching around.



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