Jewellery: Sarah's Styling Guide

We’ve all been there. You have the perfect outfit. You spent an age picking the dress, lucked out with the shoes, and have perfected your hair and makeup….The only thing you need to figure out is your jewellery.


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Whether you are a Bakelite queen, a real magpie for sparkly diamantes, or a strictly pearl girl; chances are you’ve been stuck about how to give your look the sort of polish only a spot of bling can provide.

As a somewhat professional magpie, I’d like to put forwards some basic rules below for jewellery wearing. But please remember- some rules are made to be broken. (Especially if the result is fabulous!)

‘Minimums and maximums.’

Your minimum jewellery option, if you only wear one item, should always, always be a pair of earrings. Like well-groomed eyebrows, they frame the face. Don’t worry if you are a spectacle wearer! And don't be afraid! Try a stud. Then try a bigger stud. then something dangly! Remember that if you're not used to wearing jewellery it'll look odd only to you- as far as the rest of the word is concerned it's perfectly normal.

There are 5 traditional spots you can wear jewellery: Ears, lapel, neck, wrist, finger. I think It’s all about finding balance. (Unless you’re wearing a 1920s outfit, in which case, pile on as much pearl and sparkle as you fancy!)

If you wear a huge statement necklace, wear small studs, skip the brooch and wear a bracelet or a ring.

If you wear some chandelier earrings, forgo a necklace and wear a sparkler on your finger, with a delicate bracelet. (Sometimes this rule can and should be broken when it comes to the necklace)


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‘Matchy Matchy?’

Matching accessories in the same collection is a fantastic way to add a level of sophistication and detail to a simple outfit. 

Subtle mis-matching is workable for those that fear the coordinating pieces. If you have a stunning brooch with one or two colours in, pick simple studs and a bracelet in one of them. I recommend not wearing more than 3 colours in your jewellery as otherwise it may detract from your outfit.
Earrings for pierced ears

‘Walk the line’

Let your neckline dictate your necklace. If it doesn’t feel like it sits right with your dress or top, and that you’ll be fiddling with it while you wear it, then just don’t. Nope. Take it off, put it back in the jewellery box and pick something else. Yes, I know it’s a gorgeous necklace, but today is not its’ day.

Sweetheart necklines are super flattering, work with almost all kinds of necklace shape and should be in everyone’s wardrobe! Boat neck and straight, high necklines are crying out for longer necklaces. These are great for elongating the body, but take heed that ones with a pendant (as opposed to a decorative chain, for example) will swing around a lot more. Also, if you’re a cross-body bag devotee, do yourself a favour and keep to shorter chains, unless you like collecting broken necklaces.

Wearing a boat neck and not feeling a necklace? Pop on some big earrings and maybe a brooch too.
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‘Draw The Eye’

Forgive me for stating the obvious, but have you ever considered using sparkle to highlight your favourite body parts? Finally perfected perfect eyeliner flicks? Draw admirers’ eyes up with sparkly studs. Just had a manicure? Hello, cocktail ring! Feeling a bit bottom-heavy in your silhouette? Pop a statement brooch at a jaunty angle on your cardigan or at the collar of your shirt.  By catching the with a little something-something, you help draw attention away from your less favoured bit. 
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Necklaces that finish in the line of your cleavage will almost guarantee that people will struggle to make eye contact with you. If you are blessed with a bigger bust, don’t be afraid to wear something that would look like more of a statement piece on a less curvaceous lady- it will help balance you out. Lots of vintage inspired jewellery has an adjustable length incorporated into the design, so make sure you play around with lengths until you find the right one for you. Ladies who feel like they would like a little but more up top will find Y-shaped necklaces help create shape and drama.

It’s true that some rules are made to be broken. Ultimately, jewellery should make you feel good, but not like a Christmas tree, no matter what time of year it is.
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