Emmy Cardigans - The 2019 Lowdown

It's the end of Summer and it's that time of year again when we open up the Emmy cardigans to pre-order. These fab 1940s style cropped cardigans are the most popular product we sell and there is always a bit of a frenzy when we release the new season colours. So without further ado we can announce:

For AW19 

NEW COLOURS Fab 1940s 'Ice Skater Cardigan'

  • Heather
  • Plum
  • Teal
  • Dusty Blue
  • Pale Blue
  • Lavender

RESTOCK FAVOURITE COLOURS Fab 1940s 'Ice Skater Cardigan'

  • Black 
  • Mustard
  • Pine Green
  • Burgundy
  • Cream
Emmy Cardigan Ice Skater Pine Green

Every season we have customers who regularly return to add more colours of the same cardigan to their wardrobe as well as new customers who had heard about why they are so good but had been unable to get their hands on one because they had sold out so quickly in the past.

Why are the Emmy Cardigans so popular? Well, they are a cropped cardigan so they are a bit different to what you find on the high street. The cropped length maintains a feminine silhouette rather than adding bulk and swamping you. They are also made from a lovely soft wool, they are incredibly cosy and have a reputation for being really great quality and worth the money.

Emmy Design Sweden Cardigan UK stockist

There's no doubt about it these cropped cardigans are really top notch and they have a price tag to match. Both we and Emmy are aware of this and in a conscious effort to keep the price tag as low as possible some changes were made to the yarn and the production process in 2019 to try to prevent costs increasing as Emmy moved production closer to home.

Of course everything has a knock on effect, and we think the cardigans produced are a little more prone to pilling and bobbling. The cardigans are still fantastic, warm, cosy etc etc and some shaving will quickly get rid of the bobbles but in the past the Emmy cardigans had been famous for "never bobbling'.

So, it is our opinion that the SS19 and AW19 cardigans will be prone to a bit of pilling but now that we've received your feedback we passed it on to Emmy  who has changed the production for SS20 and beyond so these problems are avoided. That will mean in SS20 and beyond the cardigans will go up in price, it's just a few pounds but we thought you should know.

It's always better to make informed choices isn't it. 

1940s style cardigan cropped

There are some other great knits from Emmy this season apart from the popular fab 1940s ice skater cardigan: For starters the Fair Isle and the Screen Siren cardigans return this Autumn Winter in several fantastic colours.

Revival Retro customers went mad for these styles in the past so we are really glad Emmy has chosen to bring them back. 

Emmy Design Cardigan Screen Siren Plum

Pictures of samples are not always the exact colour and small changes can occur but they are the best we have when we open pre order. Once we receive the stock we try to rephotograph everything to give you the most accurate presentation of the products.

Also returning are the fair isle knit sweaters. These are going to go great with some of our skirts and trousers. Would you go for this simple pairing or would you turn the fair isles in to a twinset of top and cardigan together?

Emmy Design Sweden Cardigan stockist UK

Lastly, the fairisle knit dress also makes a comeback and we are extremely pleased, it is so snug and comfortable. Rowena still has her one from 2014 and enjoys wearing it every winter so I definitely think it's time to get another one in a new colour, they're great!

Now before we go, a word of advice: If you are going to put your cardigan in the washing machine only ever do this on a specific wool wash setting. The cardigans benefit best from special treatment and that means a consistent low temperature, not hot water and cold water in different bursts depending on the cycle. Cardigans shouldn't shrink but exposing them to certain machine cycles it does increase the likelihood.
I hope these insights have been helpful. We've been selling Emmy cardigans for 6-7 years now so we consider ourselves experts. If you have any specific questions in relation to this blog, as always, just ask.


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