The Ever Popular Emmy Cardigans

We have been fans of Emmy Cardigans for many years now but in the past six months it seems that everyone has heeded our recommendation; demand for this authentic vintage knitwear has been unprecedented and we are selling out fast.

Here is Sarah and Charlotte of team Revival, showing off their favourite colours.


Emmy cardigans


As we unexpectedly sold out of our Autumn Winter stock in record time we started a waitlist last October for customers who had missed out.


Our recommended Emmy cardigan is a cropped style that come in two distinct variations; the Susie Q for Spring Summer (click here) featuring a leaf design and the Ice Skater for Autumn Winter (click here) which is a cable knit. Both of these are fabulous 1940s inspired designs.


With the imminent arrival of the Susie Q style this spring we contacted customers on the wishlist first, offering them the opportunity to pre order, we then opened this up to all our fans on social media and we sold our entire order before it had even been delivered.


Emmy Design Sweden Stockist Revival London


So, what’s the big deal I hear you cry? Why are people tripping over themselves to spend over a hundred quid on a cardigan?


Here’s why Emmy cardigans are so damn good:


  1. They are proper warm. For those of us residing in colder climates this is a real benefit.
  2. Cropped Styles help you maintain your silhouette. When it is cold and you need to layer up there is always the danger of ending up looking like the Dough Boy at the end of the `Ghostbusters movie. Not a good look!
  3. They are really well made. A great investment as you get years of wear out of them. Emmy cardigans hardly ever pill and still look great years after you bought them.
  4. They come in a variety of colours every year and customers often ‘collect’ colours so they have one to go with every outfit (see earlier comments ablout living in colder climes – you wear cardigans nearly every day!)


Here is an Instagram post by @MissVictoryViolet who purchased the green Susie Q Cardigan and the Green Loretta Shoes - a match made in heaven don't you think? She also went for the Green Seamed Stockings by What Katie Did. Then showed how she will use this colour theme to accent a floral dress.


Vintage Knitwear 1940s


So that just shows you why demand is so high, that’s why women buy several, that’s why we recommend them so highly. OK now go got one....


BUY SPRING SUMMER EMMY CARDIGANS (from March until sold out)
BUY AUTUMN WINTER EMMY CARDIGANS (from September until sold out)
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