Divine Deco Inspiration: Rosita Bonita

I am the biggest magpie on the team, so unpacking the Rosita Bonita delivery was an absolute joy! Designed and made in the UK, all these gorgeous pieces are gold plated and hand embossed onto super light leather, so you can have big looks without weighing yourself down. 

Make sure you check out the current Rosita Bonita edit here!

Before anything came out of the box, these super sweet and easy to wear jungle inspired hoops went STRAIGHT into my ears. I love the texture from the small leaves and green is one of the colours I wear the most, so it made sense really. They're super light and add a discreet pop of colour for any day look. Sold!

I've also been waiting to restock this particularly epic Art Deco fan necklace since it sold out pretty much immediately from our last delivery. When we had our photoshoot with Victoria last year she fell in love with it as soon as she put it on, and I can't say I blame her.

Is it too much with the matching earrings? I say no!

I've already got the Double Deco Fan brooch, which has also restocked. It has to be one of my favourite all-time brooches. I love the texture from the chains between the two- and it's just so exotic and glamorous but not covered in sparkly things, which is a relief. (Because some times you just *don't* want sparkles. Rare, but true.)

Obviously I have the lantern earrings pictured above, but I'm seriously considering getting them in red as well. They're so iconic and I get compliments on them every time I wear them.

Truth be told, what I was most looking forward to were the pieces from the Siren collection: these chandelier earrings and stunning necklace are my mermaid-meets-Carmen-Miranda-in-the-1920s dreams come true. And they are very valid dreams. I love the movement of the earrings! And the necklace is unbelievably pretty in real life. Much happy sighing indeed.

You can see our current collection of Rosita Bonita jewellery HERE.
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