Cropped Cardigan Comparison

Here at Revival we favour a cropped cardigan over the normal long length because when you are wearing a beautiful dress that fits and flatters, we dont want to lose that simply because we needed to add a layer.

Just because we want a bit of warmth doesn't mean we need to look like the Michelin Man or Worzel Gummidge.

This season we are offering two different cropped cardigans (each available in an array of beautiful colours) so here is a comparison to help you decide which one is for you.

The LIGHTWEIGHT cropped cardigan - £45.


 Cropped Cardigan


This elegant cropped cardigan is a viscose nylon blend, and as such it is a lightweight option easy to tuck into a small bag to carry with you. It's a handy extra layer to keep the goosebumps at bay. When fastened in front with the 5 small buttons it creates a deep V neck, so your garment beneath (or necklace) and your face will be perfectly framed. The sleeves are what is often called bracelet length (3/4), again showing off jewellery and keeping the design classic and elegant.


 Cropped Cardigan Vintage Style 1940s Revival


The WARM AND COSY cropped cardigan - £116

This 40s inspired cropped cardigan is knitted from a heavy yarn that offers warmth, but does not add bulk. It's a wool and acrylic mix which feels like a mercerised cotton, which is preferable because wool can sometimes be scatchy or itchy. This blend not only offers comfort but is a great investment because it ages well, it keeps its shape even after repeated washes, and it hardly bobbles (pills) at all. 

Both cardigans are designed to be a close fitting style and both offer a streamline silhouette that will continue that flattering shape you have chosen in your dress.

We hope that helps! 

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