Clip On Earrings

You asked for more clip on earrings and we've delivered!
Our collection has now tripled to six pairs of earrings and our search still continues for more.

Pearl Clip On Earrings 14K Gold Plated
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We have a fairly niche remit when it comes to sourcing new stock. The items need to sit with our 'inspired by the past' aesthetic whilst also supporting another small business. This is exactly what we have managed to source.

We have two elegant stud like designs. Both these beautiful offerings are 14K Gold plated and roughly 2cm in diameter. One has a pearl centre and the other with a green resin stone. Both eponymous of1940s style. 

If you like this size but prefer a floral motif these might be more your style.

Black Flower Clip On Earrings

Audrey Hepburn Clip on Earrings

Both will add a touch of class and sophistication to your outfit. If you are a fan of the pearl and diamante pair these are part of a collection inspired by Audrey Hepburn's jewellery in the classic film Breakfast at Tiffany's. To learn more about collection you can read Maria's blog by clicking here.  

Lastly if you are in the mood for earrings with a bit more drama, we have sourced some drop earrings. The first are inspired by the 1950s jewellery designer Miriam Haskell.

They are true to vintage style with screw fastenings and the combination of pearls, and opaque diamantes ooze authenticity.

Finally for those of you who like sparkles we have these glorious tiered crystal clip ons. A mixture of square and rectangular crystals, they catch the light beautifully and will keep you sparkling from day to night. 

Tiered Crystal Clip On Earrings1950s style clip on earrings

We  are super pleased with our new finds, however the search is not over and we will continue to keep our eyes open for more clip ons.

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And if you like the sunglasses I'm wearing in the snapshots they are the Bardot in black.
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