Bobbie Swing Coat in New York!

One of the best parts of going on holiday is purchasing new clothes to wear on holiday and once I'd booked my flights to New York I started making a list of what I needed.  But instead of swimwear and sun hats, what I desperately needed was a new coat! 

Enter the Bobbie Swing Coat:
Bobbie Swing CoatBobbie Swing Coat

It was exactly what I was looking for!  Nipped in waist to flatter my figure, long enough to protect my whole outfit from any potential rain, light enough that if it got warm I wouldn't melt and pockets deep enough to safely hold my phone!  The Bobbie Swing Coat is glamorous and practical, hurrah!

Bobbie Swing Coat
Can anyone guess which TV show this building is featured in?

Bobbie Swing Coat
I didn't even get through half of Central Park!  Couldn't believe the size of it!

Bobbie Swing Coat
I couldn't resist a quick peek in M&Ms World in Times Square! 

I've lost count of how many times I've worn the Bobbie Swing Coat.  It's my go to coat now!  And I always get lots of compliments when I wore it which is lovely.

Shop the Bobbie Swing Coat HERE.
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