Two A line black skirts for Winter: A direct comparison

For Winter 2020, a year with few special occasions, limited socialising and a lot more time spent at home, here at Revival Retro we have focussed on timeless classics and good investments.


A line back skirt


This, perhaps, isn't the time to be frivolous. so it's a great time to look at classic black and how to get the most out of wardrobe staples. Hard working pieces where the logic of "buy better, buy less" has never been so pertinent.

But life shouldn't be boring! We always recommend a pop of colour or a well chosen accessory to lift an outfit. Something that is "very you", something you love, something that makes you happy or feel good, something comfortable , something that will make an outfit. That's how we look at style at Revival Retro.



Womens suit wool black worn with mustard accessory colour pop



First though, it's necessary to get the basics right. We are going to compare and contrast two skirts in our current collection. They are both A line in shape, this is the most popular type of skirt we sell because it's flattering on bigger hips and bums as well as slender shapes that are more straight up and down.

We will take you step by step through design, sizing, fabric, provenance, and care instructions which will hopefully answer most of your questions and help you decide which one is right for you. 

Emmy Design Sweden Jazzy Aline Skirt     Revival Retro Handy Pocket Skirt
Skirt 1: The Jazzy A line Skirt by Emmy Design Sweden. £79
Skirt 2: The Handy Pocket Skirt by Revival Retro £115



Skirt 1 size range is UK 6-24 and Skirt 2 size range is UK 6-22, however, although the size 6 waistbands are similar, the Revival UK 22 waistband is more generous (approx 109cm)  than the Emmy size 24 waistband (106cm). 

The Revival skirt is a wool mix so there will be some ease and the waistband will become larger with repeat wash and wear.

The Emmy skirt is a poly mix and as such is likely to remain the same as the day you bought it.


The length of the Emmy skirt differs slightly dependant on the size you choose,  between 63 and 65 cm.

The length of the Revival skirt is 71cm on all sizes.


Both have a (non elasticated) waistband. The waistband on both skirts are around 2cm deep this is enough to house a fastening at the top of the zip. On the Emmy skirt this is an external black button, on the Revival skirt it is an internal hook and bar.

The Emmy skirt has belt loops, the Revival skirt does not.



Emmy Design Sweden femine style clothing




The Emmy skirt has average size pockets in the side seam. You could easily keep a small card wallet or regular size phone in the pocket and it would be lost in the fabric of the skirt. Sewn in to the side seam the pockets sit on the hip but the pocket is formed of the same fabric as the skirt so if the pocket opening gaped there would be no contrast fabric visible.

The Revival skirt has larger than usual pockets. They are on the front of the skirt and are anchored to the waistband so that heavier items will cause less drag in the pocket. The pockets are also deeper so a plus size phone or purse will disappear rather than protrude through the fabric. The back of the pocket is the same fabric as the skirt so no lining is visible.


The Emmy skirt fabric is a stretchy bengaline. 70 % polyester, 25 % viscose, 5 % spandex.This skirt is not lined. It has the appearance of matt black solid colour.

The Revival skirt is a wool mix, 50% wool, 30% polyester, 20% cotton. This skirt is lined . Lining 100% Polyester. The woollen mix has a texture and it's speckled grey appearance means it has been described as charcoal rather than black.


Emmy says the skirt can be machine washed at 30 degrees or below but air out in between wears to cut down on washes. Good for the garment and good for the environment! Use detergent without optical bleaches. Do not tumble dry. Iron at low temperature. Always turn inside out for washing and ironing.

At Revival we say our skirt can be hand washed or put in with the rest of your darks for a gentle Cycle Machine Wash on cool temperature. Every households machine is different but what this translates for me is selecting the handwash cycle on 30 degrees which takes 45 mins and avoids the fastest spin cycle. We suggest lay flat to reshape so i hang it on the rack to dry. I've done this more than 40 times and is no visible degradation in the garment.

Both are pretty easy to care for. Your biggest issue with washing these black skirts is remembering to take any tissues out the pocket before putting them in the machine!



Everyday vintage style skirt, blouse and cardigan ensemble




Both makers are small companies with passionate and committed women at the helm who are involved at every level of decision making.

The Emmy skirts were made in Lithuania, shipped to the Emmy warehouse in Sweden then on to Revival Retro in London. We don't know the exact details of the fabric and trim but we believe they were shipped internationally.

The Revival Retro skirt was made locally in London. The fabric is woven in Italy and road freighted to London with shipping company. We visit the factory more than once during the production process.

Not every part of the chain is detailed here but as you can see we are aware of what it means to be sustainable and ethical and we take a considered approach.


Plus size woman wears aline skirt


So there you have it, a direct comparison of two skirts from the current collection. We hope this enables you to make an informed decision about what you are purchasing and why it is the right decision.





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