A 'proper' wrap dress!

Sunshine and spring blossoms have generated a spur of creativity and inspiration at Revival Retro. We are saying goodbye to winter hibernation habits and looking forward to brighter, warmer days that will be full of activity.

We know people are looking forward to rediscovering the lighter and fun aspects of socialising and getting out and about again but we also understand that this is perhaps not as immediately easy as it sounds. Humans are complicated mixes of emotions and we've been through a lot. As we design clothes for people, we think about these complicated and conflicting wants and needs when we design or release anything new.




pink blossoms against blue sky


Floral inspiration

Our creativity and desire for newness is inspired by the beautiful spring blossoms on the trees at the moment. Getting out and about in the streets of London the pinks and whites of the blossoms set against blue skies are absoloutly beautiful. Magnolia trees in front gardens, cherry blossoms in the parks and hawthorn and crab apple crowding the pavements.

It's a wonderful time of year to feel inspired, hopeful and excited about change. We think it might be time to tempt you with a new dress, it seems the right time after the lockdown hiatus. However, small businesses such as ours have been going through some very uncertain trading time and we think it's still sensible to be a little cautious. So we will test the water by offering our new dress and new print via pre-order, to be delivered to you before the end of April.


Vintage floral print


Making the most of it

We found this, end of line, pretty, floral print. It's a lightweight viscose base, perfect for Spring and Summer. As we've only been able to lay our hands on a few metres, Charlotte is going to make all the dresses in house. That way we can offer inclusive sizing and produce to demand on a first come first serve basis. You can order across a range of UK sizes from 6 - 26.

As part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint we are transitioning to 'eco' fabrics but meanwhile we are not going to let beauties such as this end up in landfill. We bought up an end of line fabric and when it's gone, it's gone, that's why you should pre-order as we will unlikely have enough remainder to make stock generally available on the website once pre-order closes.


woman wears floral dress, holding green bag. A building is in the background.


A 'proper' wrap dress

During lockdown many of us found our size and shape changing. Emerging back in to the world has found us re-examining our wardrobe for best fit and prioritising comfort. We understand that, we feel the same way too!

So, we decided to finalise a dress that had been in development a while, a 'proper' wrap dress. Many wrap dresses skimp on fabric to save on cost, either the pattern is sewn in place so it just looks like a wrap style or, if the dress does genuinely wrap across the body sometimes there is not enough fabric to cover you entirely; revealing lots more leg than you possibly intended!

Not the Greenwich dress! There's generous amounts of fabric in our skirt so when you wrap the left hand side of the dress across the body the fabric covers to the right hip so when you close the right hand side of the dress you effectively have a double layer of fabric and therefore no chance of unknowingly flashing your knickers!

At Revival Retro we like to do things 'properly', paying attention to the details, not skimping on anything to cut costs. We want to make garments that you will value and cherish, wearing them for years to come.


So that's a wrap! Ho ho ho. Thats the inspiration behind our new dress style launching today in a new, limited edition floral print.



 While stocks last.

First come, first serve! 
Also currently available to Pre Order are SS22 Emmy Cardigans.


women wears blue cardigan over floral print dress on blue base


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