Green Crocodile Shoes

Uh huh. Oh yeah! This summer we have some "killer" crocodile shoes!!!!!

Limited availability. These are going to get snapped up!!!!! (ok, enough of the puns, already!)

Green Crocodile Shoes 


Aren't they beauties. Inspired by late 1940s shoes. Would have been popular throughout the 1950s. They have style, they have class .... they are green crocodile!!!!

OK so I'm slightly overexcited but can you blame me? Just look at these beauties! Reproduction Retro Shoes don't get more sensational than this (in my humble opinion anyway). 

They don't just look good either, they are super comfortable, made from high quality leathers. Don't take my word for it, visit our London shop and try them on or if you are too far away then buy them on our website.

Click here to check availability or buy these shoes on our website.

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