New Mens Trousers, 1940s Style!

Gentlemen, these are excellent trousers. You will find them comfortable, surprisingly easy to wear, and, considering the high quality of tailoring, a ridiculously reasonable price.

This blog is from 2016. Revival Retro no longer stock the products featured or 'menswear'. Current trouser stock can be found here.

Thumbs up all round!

BUY these 1940s TROUSERS.

 These trousers are made from an original pattern from 1945, and so will add a really authentic vintage flavour to your outfit, whether you're a Goodwood Revival devotee, or you just like something a little different from your daily tailored pieces. At £80, I really feel like you're getting a fantastic garment regardless of how often you're wearing it.

I will fully put my hand up and admit that I am a sucker for a sharply dressed man, and so any excuse to invite gentlemen into the store and model clothes while I learn the ins and outs of the garment, and I'm there!

Choose from Black, Black Pinstripe or Blue Pinstripe (click here) 

(I would like to thank my various friends within the London Lindy Hop community for being my guinea pigs and giving such excellent insight and feedback on these trousers)

The best parts about wearing higher waisted trousers are that not only do they make you appear taller by lengthening the leg, they are also very flattering on the bum. So many modern cut trousers sit on the hips, and we really don't see enough of the small of the back where it gently slopes out to the buttock. These trousers sit higher and so reveal a little more of that part of your silhouette. (In a good way, trust me.)

We have been impressed with the level of detail to be found in these trousers. The pockets are 100% cotton, and of a decent size and shape. The front pleats face in, which helps to keep your shape a little neater and leaner. 

There are belt loops there as well as buttons sewn on the inside of the waistband for your braces. (But let's get this clear- you shall wear only braces or a belt. Never both. Other wise, you look like a man who cannot even trust his own trousers!

Also, not wanting to make assumptions about clothing and gender identity, I took the liberty of trying them too. I found a 34" to be perfect. They fit me well around the bottom, but as the tailoring was not designed for curves, the waist didn't cinch in. Not the end of the world for me, that's what belts are for. Ladies wanting that androgynous tailored look will love it. Go for braces instead of a belt to avoid defining your waist.



James (striped top)  wore a 30" waist, thought the size was perfect and found the length to be a smidgen too long for his taste.

John (shirt and tie) wore a 32" after finding the 30" a teeny bit snug for comfort. The length was perfect for dancing, and there were no breaks in the front crease. (John, sorry but the only pic of you face on was with your eyes closed)

JP (bright tee shirt) wore a 32", thought the size was spot on, but needs some length on the leg removed (we had to roll them up!) as he's not blessed with height the way he is with brains.

James (plaid shirt) was stuck between a 34" and 36", and found the 36" to be a bit big but more comfortable. It did mean there was spare fabric around the bottom. He is rather tall, so the extra inch on the inside length of the 36" came in handy.

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